New York catches Harden and Embiid’s hard-fought Philadelphia and ranks 7th in the East

The New York Knicks (hereinafter referred to as New York) defeated the Philadelphia 76ers (hereinafter referred to as Philadelphia), a strong player in the Eastern Conference.

New York defeated Philadelphia 108-97, 11 points in the regular league home game of the 2022-23 NBA season held at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York, USA on the morning of the 6th (Korean time). As a result, New York maintained 7th place in the East with 29-26, and Philadelphia ended its winning streak with 34-18.

In New York, Julius Randle scored 24 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists, and Jalen Brunson scored 21 points and 7 assists in the game, but the bench players stood out more than them. Philadelphia had Joel Embiid with 31 points and 14 rebounds, and James Harden with 12 points, 8 rebounds and 12 assists. 메이저사이트

New York allowed a 19-8 score run only in the first quarter as it was completely pushed away from the main lineup against Philadelphia. Immediately, New York started to reorganize with bench players and succeeded in chasing with a two-point lead in the second quarter. In particular, the players who stood out the most during the pursuit were Evan Fournier and Miles McBride. Fournier created a chasing atmosphere with two 3-pointers, and McBride energized the New York players.

However, Philadelphia took the third quarter to their own, dominating New York when their main players played. In particular, the two-man game between Embiid and Harden was unstoppable by New York players. However, after Harden and Embiid moved to the bench, Philadelphia began to collapse under the bench lineup led by Randle. Therefore, New York entered the fourth quarter with a 76-79, three-point lead.

McBride and Obitopin tied the score three minutes after the start of the fourth quarter with consecutive three-pointers. Philadelphia, which became desperate, put Harden in first, but Fournier collapsed Philadelphia, which even introduced Embiid, with three 3-point shots, including a stepback 3-point shot. In response, Harden tried to reverse the atmosphere through free throw induction, but McBride responded with a three-point shot.

Randle and Brunson scored at the end of the quarter to break Philadelphia’s will to pursue, and Embiid hit two 3-pointers at the end of the quarter, but none of them went in. New York then defeated Philadelphia by 108-87, 11 points.

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