‘NBA Surprise Appearance’ Lee Jung-hoo ‥ ‘Why are Lee and Eui-ri out there?’

◀ Anchor ▶

Lee Jung-hoo and Lee Eui-ri, who went to the United States for personal training in preparation for the WBC, appeared not at the baseball stadium but at the NBA stadium.

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◀ Report ▶

The home stadium of the LA Clippers.

It’s time for the second quarter operation. Who is this?

Lee Jung-hoo and Lee Eui-ri appeared in basketball uniforms.

A Korean night event was held, and they said they came to watch basketball.

The Clippers team also prepared a placard in Korean that reads ‘Scream’, and the broadcasting company also posted the names of Lee Jung-hoo and Lee Eui-ri and their SNS accounts.

He also handed out gifts to his fans.

Lee Jung-hoo, who announced his advance to the major leagues after this season, first announced his name in the NBA stadium.

Mallorca’s Lee Kang-in is in the middle of free kick practice.

After a characteristic step move, he shows off a sharp free kick that hits the post and is blocked by the goalkeeper.

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He’s the fifth kick and he hits the post and goes in.

He likes it like a child.

I hope we can score a great free kick against Osasuna tomorrow.

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