Napoli-Majorca visit ‘never happened’…KFA says match ‘not allowed’ to take place

A domestic friendly between Napoli (Italy) and Mallorca (Spain) scheduled for next month has been canceled. The organizers failed to meet the conditions set by the Korea Football Association (KFA).

According to the KFA, the consortium that was organizing the friendly between the two teams was finally informed that the match could not be held. The friendly match was organized by a consortium of promoters Untouchable Sports Group (USG) and Stadium X. The consortium originally planned to hold the match on June 8 in Seoul.

The consortium had initially planned to hold the two friendlies on June 8 at Seoul World Cup Stadium and June 10 at Goyang Sports Complex. Fans’ attention was also focused on the visit of Napoli, the Italian Serie A champion and Kim Min-jae’s club team, and Mallorca, where Lee Kang-in played as an ace.

However, on the 10th, there are three K League matches scheduled, including three K League 1 matches, and the Korean Football Association has clearly expressed its opposition. The consistent stance was that the timing was inappropriate as it would take away from the attention of the K League due to the invitational matches of overseas teams. In order for the KFA to approve the tournament, the federation’s consent was essential.

The consortium argued that since the Tottenham-Sevilla friendly last year was also held on the same day as a K League match, the KFA would have no grounds to reject it. However, the KFA countered that the situation was different this time around, as the existing K League schedule was moved up a day due to national team commitments.

There were also criticisms that it was disrespectful to the K League to push for a friendly match with an overseas team when the K League schedule was already set. The federation ultimately did not agree to the 10-day game. Instead, it did not express a position on the eight-day game. All eyes were on whether or not the consortium would hold even one game on the eighth day.

But there was a catch. While the KFA asked the consortium if they wanted to host any of the remaining matches, they also wanted to make sure that they could afford to organize and host the foreign teams. This was a particularly sensitive issue given Cristiano Ronaldo’s so-called “no show” incident.토토사이트

In preparation, the KFA required the consortium to post a multi-billion-dollar deposit, or 800 million won (about 10 percent of the expected revenue from the first leg), and a special agreement on how to compensate the team in case of a no-show. It was a contingency plan in case the KFA wanted to hold a single match on the eighth.

However, according to the KFA, the consortium was unable to fulfill these conditions, and the KFA made the final decision to deny the friendly match altogether. The visit of Napoli and Mallorca, which had been rumored throughout the process, also became a “non-event.

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