“More than half of the people, soccer team coach ‘nationality’ doesn’t matter”

A poll result showed that more than half of the people did not consider the nationality of the soccer team coach important.

According to Hankook Research on the 11th, as a result of a poll conducted on 1,000 men and women over the age of 18 across the country on the 23rd and 26th of last month, 56% of the respondents answered that nationality does not matter.

Nineteen percent said a foreign leader should be appointed, and 10 percent said a domestic leader should be appointed. The remaining 15% answered ‘I don’t know’.

Ability and a fair selection process are important, and there is no need to pre-determine nationality.

The age group with the highest share of the position that a foreign coach should be selected was 18 to 29 years old (30%).

Only 1% of this age group supported domestic coaches.

Even in the 30-39 age group, support for domestic leaders was only 3%.

On the other hand, in the 50-59 and 60-year-old age groups, the proportion of those in favor of choosing Bento’s successor among domestic leaders rose to 16%.

51% of the respondents thought it would be better to guarantee the contract period of the new manager until the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America.

After entrusting the baton to the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, 29% of the opinion that it should be reevaluated according to the performance.

Regarding the failure to accompany Bento, who wanted to guarantee a four-year tenure, after a disagreement, 46%, close to half, answered ‘I don’t know’ and withheld the evaluation.

Regarding the failure to renew the contract with Bento, 33% of the respondents considered it a ‘bad choice’ and 20% considered it a ‘good choice’.

It was also found that this World Cup attracted more than ⅔ of the public’s attention.

While 68% of respondents said they were very interested in the World Cup, a significant number of women (61%) as well as men (75%) also paid attention to the tournament.

The percentage of respondents who said they had watched a live broadcast of a Korean game that was played late in Korean time was also found to be 75%. 카지노

In addition, 88% of the respondents answered that they had talked about the World Cup with people around them, proving that it was a ‘national concern’.

The percentage of respondents who said that it interfered with their daily life was also 25%.

In particular, 73% of respondents answered that they felt proud as a nation thanks to the World Cup.

67 and 64% of respondents said that their patriotism has grown and their feelings toward the national anthem and Taegeukgi have improved, respectively.

Son Heung-min (45%), Cho Kyu-seong (16%), and Lee Kang-in (14%) were cited as the most impressive players.

Bentoho, who advanced to the round of 16, said that 50% of the results were beyond expectations.

The evaluation that it was at the expected level was 37%, and 9% said it was disappointing.

A significant number of respondents believed that results were as important as effort and process in the World Cup.

66% of the respondents said, ‘The players’ efforts are acknowledged, but the results must be supported to some extent,’ and 34% said, ‘The results are not so important because the process of hard work is important.’

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