MLB MVP’s bowling affair… Mookie Betts is an all-around sportsman

Major leaguer Mookie Betts (31, LA Dodgers) stood on the bowling alley. He showed his talent as an ‘all-around sportsman’ again. broke the news of Betts bowling affair. Betts participated in the PBA US Open Championship. It is said that he entered as one of 108 participating players and ranked 61st overall. Betts surprised sports fans by playing against Jason Belmonti, the world’s top bowler, who drew attention for his ‘two-handed’ pitching.   슬롯사이트

Betts’ love of bowling was already known. He competed in 11 PBA events in 2017, averaging 205.6 points. He said he recorded five unofficial perfect games (300 points). In 2010, while still in high school, he was named Tennessee’s Youth Bowler of the Year. He has 8 more games left in this US Open. 

Betts is one of the best outfielders in the league. While he was a member of the Boston Red Sox, he was named the 2018 American League (AL) Most Valuable Player (MVP). He also won the World Series twice with Boston (2018) and Dodgers (2020), respectively. 

Betts is in charge of right outfield. He jumped over his wall and showed Ho-bi several times to snatch the ball. His height (approximately 1m75cm) is not large, but his body has excellent elasticity. He can also dunk (basketball). Like some professional American athletes, he also played football while in college. 

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