Miguel Cabrera criticizes players not participating in the WBC…’Aiming at Contreras?’

Miguel Cabrera, a former major league MVP from Venezuela, has openly criticized players not participating in the WBC.

Cabrera posted a photo of himself meeting Omar Lopez, who will lead the Venezuelan national team at the WBC in March, on his social media, along with the message, “Who is the player who refuses to join the national team? Everyone must devote themselves to the country.” Posted.

Cabrera’s remarks are interpreted as targeting Wilson Contreras, who recently signed a five-year, $87.5 million free agent contract with St. Louis and announced that he would not attend the WBC at the request of his team.

Coach Perez, who initially tried to use Contreras and Salvador Perez as the starting catcher and designated hitter, is expected to fill Contreras’ void with Narvaez of the New York Mets and Luis of Washington 온라인바카라

Cabrera, who made his debut in Florida in 2003, recorded 507 homers and 3,088 hits in 20 seasons until last year, and was also awarded two MVP awards, making him a representative active star player with a strong chance of entering the Hall of Fame. I have participated in all competitions.

Venezuela’s national team will be drawn in Group D along with the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and Israel for the first round of preliminary rounds in Miami, Florida, USA.

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