McCutchen didn’t leave, Pittsburgh didn’t let go… reunion after 5 years

Returning home, ‘Pirate Captain’ Andrew McCutchen Can Pittsburgh’s potential explode again? McCutchen, who will be with Choi Ji-man, is excited about the new season in his hometown.

McCutchen was a franchise star representing Major League Baseball. After the 2005 draft, he spent 13 years with one Pittsburgh team, including four years in the minor leagues. He was named an All-Star four times in Pittsburgh alone, and won the Silver Slugger Award four times. However, after being traded to San Francisco during the 2018 season, his history as a one-team man was dramatically reversed. He went from San Francisco to the New York Yankees, from the Yankees to Philadelphia, and from Philadelphia to Milwaukee, wearing the uniforms of four different teams over five years.

Then he returned to Pittsburgh. McCutchen signed a one-year, $5 million contract with Pittsburgh on the 14th (Korean time).

McCutchen already left Pittsburgh five years ago, but he didn’t, and Pittsburgh sent him but didn’t, said.

McCutchen stayed in his Pittsburgh home during his time between teams. Because he had a home in Pittsburgh, he naturally passed by his old home, PNC Park, but McCutchen said it was hard to get a good look at it. It was the first time in Milwaukee last year that he did not feel uncomfortable even visiting PNC Park against away games, he said.

Just as McCutchen struggled to leave the club, Pittsburgh struggled to let go of the franchise’s greatest star. During the five years he was away, no one wore his number 22 shirt. 메이저사이트

McCutchen gave special thanks to Pittsburgh equipment manager Scott Bonds Bonnet and others, saying, “Maybe Bonds had to fight to stop players who wanted to wear number 22. He thanked those who kept the number 22,” he said.

Last season, Pittsburgh finished last in the National League Central Division with a record of 62-100. “You can’t just look at the numbers and call Pittsburgh a 100-loss team,” McCutchen said. McCutchen, who played for Milwaukee last year, cited failing to catch Pittsburgh as one of the biggest reasons Milwaukee didn’t make the postseason. “If they really were a 100-loss team, they wouldn’t have beaten us (Milwaukee),” McCutchen said. Pittsburgh is a team that can do it. Consistency is the only problem,” he said.

On April 7th, McCutchen is expected to stand at bat for the first time in five years at PNC Park, the ‘home stadium’, receiving a standing ovation from fans.

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