Major League Baseball is in the midst of a hot money feast… Average annual salary of 6.4 billion won, the largest increase in 22 years

This year, the average salary of major league players in the American professional baseball league recorded the largest increase in 22 years.

According to the Associated Press on the morning of the 5th (Korean time), the average annual salary of players included in the roster for this year’s major league opening game is $4,907,108 (approximately 6,443,030,000 won). This is an 11.1% increase from last year, the largest increase since 2001 (13.9%). Also, the number of players earning more than 1 million dollars (1.3 billion won) this year is 546, an increase of 32 from 514 last year. The proportion of players who receive $1 million is 58%. There were 45 players who received the minimum annual salary of 720,000 dollars (900 million won) this season.토토사이트

The top team in annual salary in the big leagues this year is the New York Mets, with the entire team worth 355 million dollars (466.1 billion won). They are followed by the New York Yankees ($275 million), San Diego Padres ($257 million), Philadelphia Phillies ($236 million), Los Angeles Dodgers ($221 million), and Los Angeles Angels ($212 million). ) and the Toronto Blue Jays ($210 million), seven teams exceeded $200 million (262.6 billion won) in total. On the other hand, the Oakland Athletics ranked last among the 30 clubs with a total of $58 million (76.1 billion won).

The highest-paid players this year are Mets pitchers Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander, each earning 43 million dollars (56.4 billion won). 16 out of all major league players, including the two, receive more than 30 million dollars (39.3 billion won) this year. The Associated Press explained, “This year’s top 50 top earners account for 29% of the total salary.”

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