“Lotte, not all prospects are selected” 138-win great pitcher’s bitter remarks, seize the opportunity with performance

Lotte, who had been in the lower ranks for the past few years, collected many prospects with the top draft picks obtained through that pain. The team hasn’t made it to the postseason in the last three years, but it’s comforting to say that they’ve collected prospects in the relatively right direction.

It is interesting that players with excellent growth potential, regardless of pitcher and fielder, have been gathered, and unlike before, a large number of players with excellent athletic ability have joined the squad. However, potential and performance are separate issues. Lotte joined with high expectations, but there are still many promising players who have not firmly established themselves in the first team.토토사이트

Especially on the mound side, there is a sense of regret. A number of ‘big fish’ players were selected from the relatively rich Busan farm, but there are not many players who have firmly established themselves. Yoon Seong-bin, the 1st nominee in 2017 (down payment of 450 million won), Seo Jun-won, the 1st nominee in 2019 (down payment of 350 million won), Kim Jin-wook, the 1st overall premise nominee in 2021 (down payment of 370 million won) The back raised high expectations, but it is still struggling.

Rather, those who have settled in the starting lineup are Park Se-woong, who was brought in by trade, Na Kyun-an, who turned from catcher to pitcher, and Lee In-bok, who have come back quite a long way since being nominated in 2014. If you look closely, there is also Han Hyun-hee, who was recruited as a free agent. Lotte pitching coach Bae Young-soo is also adamant. Just because he’s a promising player doesn’t guarantee he’ll get a chance, he said. He insists that skills should be supported first. It’s a pro, so it’s natural.

Coach Bae said, “It is the same for (Kim) Jin-wook and (Seo) Jun-won, and (Lee) Min-seok. It’s not like you’re doing it. It’s a selection when you’ve risen to a certain extent, but you can’t just give it a chance.”

Coach Bae said, “You go to the starting lineup when you have achieved some results. There is a limit to waiting. It’s not like you have to wait forever, and you’re a pro, but you don’t select just because you’re old or young.” Emphasizing the most important thing, he expected the players to exert themselves, saying, “They are the players who must be selected when they are ready to some extent, but it is up to them to do it.”

Yoon Seong-bin is still unable to live up to the expectations he had at the time of joining due to frequent injuries. He is currently unable to exercise properly due to a left hamstring injury even ahead of this season. Although Seo Jun-won is one of the starting candidates this season, his overall performance after joining the team fell short of expectations. Kim Jin-wook, who had a lot of expectations with ‘The Biggest Word’, is undergoing a test with the bullpen while being excluded from the selection list, but his performance in this demonstration game is not very good. He is holding on to an 8.10 earned run average, giving up five walks in 3⅓ innings in four games.

As much as they have talent, they are players who need to be constantly interested in, making use of their strengths and supplementing their weaknesses. It is still too young to discuss whether it is a failure or a success. What is certain is that the title of promising player has an expiration date. Every year, 10 to 11 younger players join the team. The expectations and spotlight they received naturally flow to the young players.

This year, in a situation where the team has the justification to make the top 5 or higher, it is impossible to push the opportunity simply because it is a promising player. Ahead of this season, they spent a lot of money on the free agent (FA) market, but when they come out of the egg, the true start of Lotte’s run.

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