‘Li Won-ryang’s 3rd cycle’ commemoration… China strengthens response to protests in front of Yanghoe

On the 3rd anniversary of the death of Li Wenliang, the doctor who first exposed the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in China, memorial rallies are being held all over the world.

While tributes to him continued on Chinese social media, Chinese authorities announced a strong response to various protests.

Correspondent Lim Guangbin in Beijing.


This is the SNS of Dr. Li Wenliang, who first informed the danger of the spread of Corona 19 in China three years ago.

The last post he left before his death is still followed by comments from people who remember him.

“I will not forget his heroic actions now that the severe quarantine control is gone and daily life is restored.”

On the occasion of the third anniversary of Li Won-ryang’s death, offline memorial events were held in various places overseas.

Someone who experienced the blockade of Shanghai last year and emigrated left a tribute to him.

<Wang Jinghao / Immigrant from Shanghai, China> “The national hero who sounded the alarm became the soul of the CCP’s sword. One warning letter cannot stop it, so the courage of Li Won-ryang remains forever…”

Li Won-ryang, centered on SNS As the atmosphere of commemoration spreads, Chinese authorities are wary of whether it will lead to collective actions such as the’blank protest’ at the end of last year. 메이저사이트

The Central Political and Legal Commission of the Communist Party of China held a plenary meeting, stressing the need to “enhance political sensitivity and political discernment”, and especially ordered to enhance the ability to safeguard political security.

It is interpreted that he foreshadowed a strong response to anti-government activities such as various protests ahead of the two sessions next month, when President Xi Jinping’s third term in power begins in earnest.

Through the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, it emphasized loyalty and obedience to President Xi and the party.

In the midst of this, at the recent memorial ceremony for the 3rd anniversary of Li Won-ryang held in front of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, the Chinese who opposed it were arrested by the police for rioting, such as kicking memorial wreaths and candles.

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