LG Invites Dr. Keith Diamelio to Spring Camp to Collaborate on Training Part

On February 10th and 11th, LG Twins invited Dr. Keith D’Amelio in the field of performance optimization to the spring camp in Arizona, USA, and collaborated on the training part. 메이저사이트

Dr. Keith Diamelio, Ph.D. in sports science, is a top expert in the field of performance optimization using scientific technology and data, and is currently working as a performance specialist at Nike’s headquarters. He previously served as head strength coach for several sports teams, including the NBA’s Boston Celtics, and Stanford University. In particular, he gave a special lecture in the MLB Winter Meeting performance section, and contributed to the establishment of sports science systems for EPL’s Liverpool and Manchester City clubs.

LG Twins invited Dr. Diamelio to discuss ways to further optimize the club’s strength program, and together sought an optimized recovery method for players after exercise.

LG Twins senior conditioning coach Kim Yong-il said, “The collaboration with Dr. Diamelio will be of great help in the future in safely and productively proceeding with more effective training methods.” I think I’m doing this training, and I hope this collaboration will help me achieve better results.”

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