LG athletes win fans over with sliding performance after rain cancellation

When the game between LG and SSG was cancelled due to rain on the 22nd at Jamsil Stadium, there were many disappointed voices in the stands.

The start time was delayed due to the rain that fell before the game. The game, which was originally scheduled to start at 6pm, did not resume for more than 20 minutes. Eventually, the referees announced the rain cancellation.

LG’s players came out to make up for the fans’ disappointment, with young players Moon Sung-joo, Song Chan-eui, Moon Bo-kyung, and Lee Ju-hyung taking the field. The fans erupted in cheers again.안전놀이터

One by one, they threw themselves from first to second to third to home.

And there was one person cheering them on. It was Austin Dean, a foreign hitter.

Dean made a big gesture of encouragement to the base runners, and later stepped up to the plate for a solo performance.

Austin flew out to each pitch, and when he reached home, he responded to the cheers with showmanship.

Austin also enjoyed performing at the All-Star Game at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 15th of this month, where he showed off his energetic dance moves. On that day, he also threw his body to make the fans happy.

Meanwhile, LG will start Lee Jung-yong in the 23rd game instead of Adam Plutko, who was announced as the starter for the day. SSG kept Roenis Elias in the starting line-up.

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