‘Let’s cover the strongest team in Korea’ Passion Korea Badminton League opens, Pocheon City Hall first win

The ‘2023 Passion Korea Badminton League’, which covers the best badminton team in Korea, officially opened with an opening ceremony, and Pocheon City Hall won its first victory in the home.

Pocheon City Hall defeated Siheung City Hall in the women’s Group A match on the 2nd day of the competition held at Pocheon General Gymnasium in Pocheon City, Gyeonggi Province on the 18th. We got off to a good start after winning the game 3-1.

Pocheon City Hall, led by coach Cha Yun-sook, played the game at home amidst enthusiastic support from fans. In the first doubles match, Seon-Min Lee and Jung-Hyun Lee won against Sang-Eun Park and So-Jung Kim of Siheung City Hall 2-0 (15-10 15-3) through psychological warfare and a quick match. 슬롯사이트

Siheung City Hall also had a strong will to win the first game. Singles ace Park Min-jeong defeated Jung Chae-rin, who made her debut on the unemployment stage, 2-0 (15-8 15-13).

However, Pocheon City Hall took the lead again in doubles afterwards. Go Hye-ryun and Lee Ye-na defeated Park Ji-yoon and Kim A-young 2-0 (15-7 17-15). Driven by momentum, Jeong Hee-soo won a complete victory 2-0 (15-8, 15-10) against Park Seon-young, who also made his unemployment debut, in singles and confirmed the team victory.

In particular, it was more valuable because it was a victory won on the day when the official opening ceremony was held. The opening ceremony held by the Korea Business Badminton Federation (Chairman Kim Joong-soo) was attended by Pocheon Mayor Baek Young-hyeon, National Assembly member Choi Chun-shik, and representative of Passion Korea Jeon Jeon-hoon, who pledged to hold the tournament successfully.

In the men’s Group A, MG Saemaeul Geumgo defeated Goyang City Hall 3-0 and announced a pleasant start. Men’s Group B Gwangmyeong City Hall also won Chungju City Hall 3-0.

The badminton league, which was launched last year, is held as a team event (3 singles, 2 doubles). The men’s and women’s group preliminaries will be held at the Pocheon General Gymnasium until March 4th, and then moved to the Sports and Culture Center in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do from April 2nd to 9th, where playoffs, semifinals and finals will be held.

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