Lee Myeong-gi sent NC, Hanwha Futures to recruit a 30% shortstop “I’m from a related area, I’ve noticed”

NC, which sent FA outfielder Lee Myung-ki (36) to Hanwha in a signing and trade, looked to the future and recruited a rookie nomination and a 30% shortstop from the Futures. 

On the 14th, NC traded to Hanwha after signing a FA contract with Lee Myung-ki for up to 100 million won (annual salary of 50 million won, option of 50 million won) for a year. It was a two-to-two trade to receive infielder Jo Hyun-jin (21) and the 2024 rookie round 7 (61st overall) nomination right on the condition that catcher Lee Jae-yong (23) be sent to Hanwha together. 

NC classified Lee Myung-ki and Kwon Hee-dong, who applied for FA after the season last year, as out of power. NC, whose main outfield consisted of existing Son Ah-seop, Park Gun-woo, and new foreign player Jason Martin, was overflowing with outfield resources, with Kim Seong-wook, who returned from military service in Sangmu, and Han Seok-hyun, who was recruited as a free agent by Futures. 

It was decided to open the way for Lee Myung-ki and Kwon Hee-dong by allowing the signing and trading policy. As expected, Hanhwa, which has filled the limit of recruiting 3 outside free agents, has become a signing & trading partner. Hanwha also showed interest in Lee Jae-yong to strengthen catcher depth, and reached a final agreement with a 2-2 trade, including the right to name a rookie. 

Jo Hyun-jin, who was newly wearing an NC uniform, was nominated by Hanwha as a 182cm, 69kg right-handed left-handed infielder in the 52nd overall in the 2nd round of 6th round in 2021. Although he does not have a first-team record, he has been training in the Hanwha Futures team for the past two years.  슬롯사이트

In the first year of 2021, he scored only 8 RBIs in 38 futures league games (18 hits in 104 bats), but showed growth by raising 25 RBIs (66 hits in 220 bats) in 89 games last year in the second year. He was also recognized for his defensive skills as the main position shortstop. 

Aracho, Gyeongsangnam-do (Haman Little) – Changwon Shinwol Middle School – For Cho Hyun-jin, who graduated from Masan High School, NC is also his hometown team. Lim Seon-nam, NC general manager, said, “As a young infielder from our hometown, I have been watching him since his days in amateur baseball. He has a good baseball sense, and I noticed his growth was good, such as recording a batting average of 30% in the Futures League last year,” he said. 

Hanwha General Manager Son Hyuk also said, “Cho Hyun-jin is a really good player, and his potential is high. However, since our team has a lot of resources for infield prospects such as (rookie) Lee Min-joon, and we have to solve the military problem, we may not be given many opportunities right now, so we traded.” I hope that he will receive this award and grow into a good player.” 

Meanwhile, Cho Hyun-jin, who was participating in the Hanwha Futures Spring Camp in Kochi, Japan, is scheduled to return to Korea on the 15th. Following this, he goes down to Changwon on the 16th and joins NC’s Futures Spring Camp.

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