Lee Jung-hoo to leave ‘1 year later’? rather good… Raising can also be positive

 Both Kiwoom Heroes and Lee Jung-hoo (24) can laugh.

Lee Jung-hoo visited the club’s office on the 19th and conveyed his intention to advance overseas after the 2023 season.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who played 6 seasons in the KBO League, is eligible for the posting system (private competitive bidding) if he fills the 145 days of registration for the 2023 season. However, if he stays with the team for one more season and runs through the 2024 season, he will qualify as a free agent.

Lee Jung-hoo, who has consistently expressed his intention to advance overseas, was deeply troubled at the beginning of the season over the posting system and free agent transfer as a means of overseas expansion. After a while, the conclusion is finally a posting system.

An official from Kiwoom said, “Lee Jung-hoo has conveyed his intention to challenge overseas expansion after the 2023 season is over.” “The club respects the player’s will and thoughts. We will come to a conclusion,” he said.

In the posting system, the opinion of the club is absolute. This is because he is a member of his team, not an FA. Therefore, if Kiwoom opposes Lee Jung-hoo’s intention, Lee Jung-hoo must remain with the team until he obtains FA qualification.

But that seems unlikely. You can get a hint by looking at Kiwoom’s post transfer history.

Kiwoom allowed the most posting transfers among the KBO clubs. Kang Jeong-ho in January 2015, Park Byeong-ho in December 2015, and Kim Ha-seong in January 2021 are examples. When the team’s key players challenged overseas stages to realize their dreams, they spared no support and helped the players achieve what they wanted to achieve.

The club also received considerable transfer fees from player transfers. (Current standard) Kang Jung-ho received 5 million 2015 dollars (approximately 6.5 billion won) as a transfer fee, Park Byung-ho 12.85 million dollars (approximately 16.7 billion won), and Kim Ha-sung 5.525 million dollars (approximately 7.2 billion won).

In particular, Lee Jung-hoo is in his mid-twenties, and it is assumed that the amount of his posting, which can still show top-notch skills, will be formidable. 안전놀이터

In conclusion, both the player and the club can laugh with the posting contract. Players can show off their skills overseas even a year earlier, and clubs can make huge profits with transfer fees.

Lee Jung-hoo announced his intention to go abroad, and Kiwoom must make a choice. Fans are paying attention to whether another posting contract that will benefit both the player and the club can be created.