‘Lee Jong-beom’s son-in-law’ Ko Woo-seok, who trained even on the day he got married, throws it towards the WBC

Go Woo-seok, closer pitcher of professional baseball LG, married coach Lee Jong-beom’s daughter and best friend Kiwoom hitter Lee Jung-hoo’s younger sister.

Ko Woo-suk is so determined ahead of the WBC in March that he trained even on the day of her wedding.

Reporter Moon Young-gyu met.


On the day of the wedding ceremony, Go Woo-seok became coach Lee Jong-beom’s son-in-law, and at the same time she became Lee Jung-hoo’s brother-in-law.

With Lee Jung-hoo’s head-to-head match next season drawing attention, now her father-in-law and her wife are proud to be on their side.

[Ko Woo-seok/LG: “Of course (father-in-law) isn’t LG? Last year, when (Lee Jung-hoo) got hit, why (wife) got hit…”]

On the other hand, coach Lee Jong-beom expressed disapproval at the difficult question. .

[Soundbite] Lee Jong-bum/LG Coach : “This is quite embarrassing. If possible, I will decline from now on if you ask such a question.

” .

The reason why I became a terrible practice bug is because I have to wash away the sluggishness of the Tokyo Olympics at the WBC in March.

[Ko Woo-seok/LG : “(Wedding day) I went to work out. In Jamsil. (At the Tokyo Olympics) We bumped into each other without a plan, and I thought that maybe I was arrogant and conceited beyond my confidence…”]

In particular, the answer he gave while imagining a pitching battle with Ohtani, a Japanese baseball genius, was a masterpiece. 메이저사이트

[Ko Woo-seok/LG : “When I throw it into the middle, I think (Ohtani) thinks of hitting a home run first

. As Ko Woo-seok is considered as a pitcher who has the possibility of advancing to the major leagues together, this WBC is expected to be a showcase for the two players.

This is KBS News Moon Yeong-gyu.

Cinematographer: Yoon Seong-wook / Video editing: Kim Tae-hyung

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