Lampard, who readily accepted the ‘interim’ manager position, “It was an easy decision, because it’s my team”

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has returned to the Chelsea command tower. As interim manager, Lampard took on the role of a ‘fireman’ to put out an urgent fire.

Chelsea said on the club website on the 6th (local time), “Lampard has been appointed as Chelsea’s interim manager. Coach Lampard will lead the team until the end of this season.” Chelsea have fired their manager twice this season. Following director Thomas Tuchel, director Graham Porter packed up and left.카지노사이트

Chelsea, which wants to appoint a manager who will trust and entrust the team for the long term, has made a plan to carefully select the next manager over time. However, Lampard was called in to calm the messy atmosphere. This is because if coach Lampard, a former legend, joins, it can be a new stimulus to the players. Lampard also happily accepted Chelsea’s offer, despite being labeled ‘temporary’.

“It was a very easy decision,” said Lampard. I came back with the belief that I was going to be there. I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to lead Chelsea.”

Head coach Lampard said, “My goal is to instill confidence in the players and win as many games as possible,” but regarding the possibility of becoming a full-time manager, “I have no intention of going ahead alone.”

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