Korean Tour, this time in Oman… Will the victory sound in the Middle East?

Korean Tour players move from Saudi Arabia to Oman.

11 players including Bio Kim Bae, Bae Sang-moon, Seo Yo-seop, Park Sang-hyun, Ok Tae-hun, Kim Min-kyu, Jang Geun Lee Tae-hee, Moon Gyeong-joon, Kim Tae-woo, and Lee Seung-taek will participate in the Asian Tour International Series Oman (total prize money of 2 million dollars), which will be held at the Almaz Golf Course in Muscat, Oman for four days from the 9th.

Bio Kim, Park Sang-hyun, Ok Tae-hoon, Kim Min-gyu, Lee Tae-hee, and Moon Gyeong-jun competed at PIF Saudi International, the opening match of the Asian tour held in Saudi Arabia, and then moved to Oman to play the tournament.

Kim Bio, Kim Min-gyu and Ok Tae-hoon were eliminated from the cut in the opening match, but veterans such as Moon Gyeong-joon, Park Sang-hyun, and Lee Tae-hee made it to the finals. In particular, Moon Kyung-jun finished tied for 12th with a final total of 9 under par 271 strokes. Park Sang-hyun finished in a tie for 18th with an 8-under-par 272 strokes.

Bae Sang-moon failed to secure a seed for the Asian Tour, but was named in the roster as he participated in the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup.

The veterans who warmed up in Saudi Arabia are aiming for a championship in Oman. Bio Kim, who won last year’s Asian Tour Rookie of the Year, Min-gyu Kim, who won the Korea Open, and Tae-Hoon Ok, who reached the top at the International Series Korea held in Jeju, are worth watching. 온라인카지노

Following the opening match of the Asian Tour in Saudi Arabia, they moved to Oman. As it is the first tournament in the International Series, fierce competition is expected.

Players who are eligible to participate in the Asian Tour are moving to participate in Asian Tour events as much as possible before the Korean Tour begins. This is because you can gain practical experience in a warm country. Last year, players with Asian Tour seeds returned to the Korean Tour after playing on the Asian Tour.

Although it is an Asian Tour event, as it is an international series related to LIV golf, some LIV golf players will also participate. Brooks Koepka (USA), his younger brother Chase Koepka (USA), Mito Ferreira (Chile), Joaquin Nieman (Chile), and Sergio Garcia (Spain), who decided to join LIV Golf starting this year, were on the list.

Scott Vincent (Zimbabwe), who won the money prize in the Asian Tour International Series last year, will also participate.

The LIV Golf International Series Oman will be broadcast live on SPOTV Golf & Health from Thursday the 9th at 6:30 pm and can also be viewed on OTT service SPOTV NOW.

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