Korean archery, also the world’s ‘strongest’, ranked 1st overall in the 2nd round of the World Cup, Gold 5-Silver 4-Bronze ‘sweeping’

 Korean archery showed off the strongest side at the World Cup.

The Korean archery team swept 5 gold medals, 4 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals at the 2023 Hyundai Archery World Cup 2nd Competition held in Shanghai, China from the 16th to the 21st, achieving first place overall.

The women’s national team, which consisted of Im Si-hyeon (Hancheng National University), Ansan (Gwangju Women’s University), and Kang Chae-young (Hyundai Mobis), advanced to the tournament round by winning first place overall in the preliminary round of the tournament’s team event. The players who defeated Kazakhstan, England, and Indonesia in turn in the tournament round won the gold medal by defeating Chinese Taipei 6-0 in the final.

In the women’s individual event, all Korean players who participated in the tournament advanced to the semifinals, completing the semifinal matchup between Korean players. First, Kang Chae-young, who started the tournament as the top seed, advanced to the final with a set score of 6-2 against her teammate Ansan, who won the gold medal in the women’s team event in the semifinals. In the opposite bracket, Korea’s new archery star Sihyeon Sihyeon defeated Choi Mi-seon (Kwangju Bank) 6-2 to reach the final in her first international competition. In the final match against senior national team member Kang Chae-young, she won 6-0 with perfect performance and achieved two gold medals following the women’s team event gold medal.

Ansan and Choi Mi-sun, who were unfortunately eliminated in the semi-finals, competed fiercely in the bronze medal match.

The recurve men’s national team, featuring Kim Woo-jin (Cheongju City Hall), Lee Woo-seok (Kolon), and Kim Je-deok (Yecheon-gun Office), also added a gold medal in the team event. The men’s national team, which advanced to the tournament round as the overall first place in the preliminaries, beat Israel, India, and Japan in turn, and won the gold medal by beating the host country China 6-2 in the final.

In the men’s individual event, veteran Oh Jin-hyeok (Hyundai Steel) excelled. In the semifinals, they defeated Baylor of the Netherlands to advance to the final. In the final match, she faced World No. 1 Daumeida of Brazil and lost 4-6 after a close match going into the 5th set, earning a silver medal. It was the moment when he won his second individual medal at the event following the gold medal in the men’s team event.

Lee Woo-seok advanced to the quarterfinals by defeating teammate Kim Woo-jin, who won the gold medal in the men’s team event, in the round of 16, but was left with regret as he lost to Li Zhongyuan of China in a shoot-off. Kim Jae-deok, the youngest member of the men’s national team, suffered a crushing defeat in the round of 32.

Kang Chae-young and Lee Woo-seok competed in the recurve mixed team event and won 6-2 against China in the final. Through this, Kang Chae-young won two gold medals in the competition.

The Korean national team swept 4 out of 5 gold medals in the recurve event, proving once again that they are the best in the world.

The compound national team won a total of four medals in its first international competition after the appointment of coach Rio Wilde, who was ranked first in the world.

In the women’s individual event, Cho Soo-ah (Hyundai Mobis) won the only gold medal for the compound team by beating Ella Gibson, the world’s No.

In the men’s individual event, Yang Jae-won (Sangmu) was defeated in the semi-final by World No. 1 Schlosser of the Netherlands, and was eliminated from the final. However, in the bronze medal match against Estonia’s Yatma, she won the bronze medal after a close match that went all the way to the shoot-off.

Oh Yoo-hyeon (Jeonbuk Provincial Office), So Chae-won, and Song Yun-soo (above Hyundai Mobis), who competed in the women’s team event, showed overwhelming performance from the preliminaries to the semi-finals, but won the silver medal in the final after being beaten by Mexico 226-233.체스카지노

The compound mixed national team, paired with Oh Yoo-hyeon and Kim Jong-ho (Hyundai Steel), won the silver medal after losing to India in the team event final.

After returning home on the 22nd, in preparation for the 2023 Berlin World Championships, where the right to participate in the Paris Olympics is at stake, the national team will hold a special match against the national team’s standing soldiers on a special stage in the archery range of the Jincheon National Training Center for four days from the 28th to the 31st.

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