Korea Professional Football Federation, 2022 income-expenditure settlement management disclosure… 36.9 billion sales and 1.6 billion net profit

The Korea Professional Football Federation (President Kwon Oh-gap, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Federation’) has announced the 2022 itemized income and expenditure settlement report on its official website.

The 2022 balance sheet of the federation announced this time is the details of income such as broadcasting rights, sponsorship money for competitions, official sponsorships, and sports promotion voting rights, as well as expenses such as league operating expenses, advertising marketing, base expansion and league activation, and education business expenses. 온라인카지노

Revenue in 2022 totaled 36.976 billion won, an increase of about 502 million won compared to 2021, and expenditure was 35.357 billion won, an increase of 42 million won compared to 2021. The settlement profit and loss was 1.619 billion won.

Meanwhile, since 2013, the federation has been disclosing the previous year’s accounts every year.

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