“Korea? Is it expensive?” 8 out of 10 have golf experience abroad, 1st place is Thailand

 Green fees soaring without knowing how high the sky is, even booking is ‘picking stars in the sky’.

As the Corona 19 era faded, daily recovery accelerated. However, domestic golf course costs are at a standstill. Recently, the government has introduced an upper limit on public golf course fees that include tax reduction benefits, but some golf courses have been raising various expenses such as green fees, cart fees, and caddy fees since the beginning of the year. It appears to be passing on the individual consumption tax burden that arises from giving up tax benefits to consumers.

In the midst of this, golfers’ eyes are heading abroad. 메이저놀이터

As a result of a recent survey conducted by XGOLF, Korea’s largest golf booking platform, on overseas golf, 80.7% of 724 respondents answered that they had experience with overseas golf courses. As for the number of overseas rounds, 44.2% were ‘1 or less’, followed by ‘6 or more’ at 21.7%. Thailand (37.8%), Japan (34.2%), and Vietnam (17.7%) were the most visited countries for overseas golf trips. As for the reasons for visiting overseas golf courses, ‘cheap golf cost’ was the most selected, followed by ‘relaxed game progress’ and ‘warm weather’.

According to a recent report released by the Leisure Industry Research Institute, domestic golf course weekday rates are more than three times higher than those in Japan. In Thailand and Vietnam, round costs are also formed at less than half of the weekday rates of domestic golf courses. Prior to COVID-19, overseas golf was mostly packaged with golf, lodging, and air tickets, but recently, ‘reasonable consumption’ that further reduces costs by utilizing overseas golf booking websites and applications is also increasing. Cooperation between domestic and overseas golf industries is also being strengthened, as XGOLF cooperated with Rakuten last December to open a service that allows registration and inquiry of Japanese golf booking service and overseas golf course membership information.

This trend of overseas golf travel is expected to steadily rise. According to Incheon International Airport Corporation, the number of users who visited Incheon Airport last year was 17,869,759, a 460% increase from 2021 (3,198,909), the lowest number since Corona 19. XGOLF announced that ‘foreign golf course reservation inquiries increased from the first half of last year, and more than 100 overseas golf course reservation inquiries were received in the second half of the month.’

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