‘Kkondae..?’ Choi Ji-man’s social life, ham choi couple, and nostril exercises

From the Tampa Bay Rays’ ‘Happy Virus’ to the Pittsburgh Pirates’ ‘Veteran’.

Choi Ji-man (32) will finish his 5-year partnership with Tampa Bay and start centering Pittsburgh’s team, the ‘Young Gun Club’, from this season. In addition, he has to focus on elbow rehabilitation and participating in the WBC. Accordingly, Choi Ji-man departed earlier than usual to improve his condition.

Choi Ji-man visited the headquarters of Spotify before starting anew and made the studio a sea of ​​laughter throughout the interview with a pleasant gesture.

When asked to describe himself in five words, he sensibly said, “Sporty Vida,” and he showed off his “nostril movement” as a skill, drawing laughter. 바카라사이트

The talkative yet touching interview with Choi Ji-man can be found on the ‘Sports Time’ channel of Spotify News.

Choi Ji-man replied that his strength as a baseball player was to smile. He said, “I always smile. I laugh even if I do poorly, I smile even if I do well. I don’t laugh when the team loses,” he expressed plainly and cheerfully. “So sometimes fans say, ‘You’re not serious,’ but I think laughing is serious. I have to enjoy doing what I like, but I shouldn’t be harsh,” he said, also revealing his sincerity about baseball.

Choi Ji-man, who is famous for his love for fans, maintained a bright appearance throughout the interview that lasted well over an hour, but when the fans asked what he meant, he showed emotions and ended the interview in a hurry. “I want to be recognized by the fans. It is important to be recognized by myself, my family and acquaintances, but as a player, I think it is the coolest and best thing to be recognized by the fans. It was a pity. I hope to do better next year. I’m so glad that you showed interest in me while saying, “I heard you were injured. I’m just grateful that you always support me.”

Choi Ji-man is said to be constantly communicating with fans by consulting them on social media. Will Choi Ji-man, who is in the process of building a new season, live up to the expectations of fans this season?

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