Kim Jong-woo, who is trying to overcome ‘Yeongilman Zidane’, “There are many zidanes in Pohang… I will become the ‘king’ of Pohang”

Another ‘Zidane’ has arrived at Pohang Steelers. This is Kim Jong-woo, a midfielder who played for Gwangju FC. When Shin Jin-ho left for Incheon United and wore the Pohang uniform, he expressed his aspirations to overcome the strong voice of his predecessors and become the ‘King of Pohang’.

Pohang midfielder Kim Jong-woo attended the 5th media camp of the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training held at the Seogwipo KAL Hotel at 1:00 pm on the 6th. At the meeting with the reporters, Kim Jong-woo conveyed his determination for this season along with the background of his transfer.

Kim Jong-woo, who expressed his displeasure at the interest in him, saying, “There are a lot of reporters since I came to Part 1,” and said, “I heard through my agent that the transfer was not possible. That night, I received a call from manager Kim Ki-dong that he wanted to speak. I spoke with the manager at around 11:00 pm and the personal negotiations were concluded the next day.

Kim Jong-woo, who had already left Gwangju and Thailand training camp, flew to Vietnam where Pohang was staying and joined. He said, “Honestly, I was thinking of staying in Gwangju, but suddenly this happened, so I was a bit embarrassed and confused. I had a conversation with Pohang about two years ago, and it was a team I wanted to come to, so there was no hesitation or anything like that in coming. When I came again, as I had heard, the atmosphere in Pohang itself was a little too free and comfortable, so there was no problem adapting.”

After the transfer was decided in a hurry, Kim Jong-woo said he cried profusely while sitting face-to-face with Gwangju coach Lee Jeong-hyo. He mentioned that he was sorry for not being able to play many games, as he is a manager that everyone has heard about. He said, “There were a lot of things the director expected, but it seems like it took a lot of time to adjust. This time, I came out and said hello, sat one-on-one, and cried. I’m sorry and also regretful.”

Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong has high expectations for Kim Jong-woo, who will fill Shin Jin-ho’s vacancy. As Kim Jong-woo has heard through the media and various team officials, he knows that he has to do the part of former captain and ace Shin Jin-ho.

He said, “If the director trusts me, there are many things I can do well.” I am also confident that I can do better in some areas. I am less burdened or worried now.” 바카라사이트

Kim Jong-woo was always called ‘Zidane’ in his former team. He was called ‘Uman-dong (location of Suwon World Cup Stadium) Zidane’ in Suwon Samsung and ‘Gwangju Zidane’ in Gwangju and showed a style similar to Zinedine Zidane.

“When I came here, there were a lot of Zidanes. I think there were four of them,” he said with a smile. There is a position I want and aim for, so I think I have to work hard to reach it. I want to become the king of Pohang. There is a player who comes to mind when I think of Pohang, and I want to make it that way.

This season, Kim Jong-woo inherits the number 6 uniform from coach Kim Ki-dong, Choi Young-joon and Shin Jin-ho. As the number received by the team’s main midfielder, he said, “When I came, I thought I would run number 10, but when I came late, the number was full. Number 6 is a number with an important meaning. He told me while meeting with the coach. He said, ‘You wear number 6’, so he said yes. I’m going to work hard.” In addition, while taking full responsibility for the set pieces that Shin Jin-ho was in charge of, he expressed his aspirations to create as many attack points as he did.

There was no mention of family. It is a promise to solve the regret left by his younger brother Kim Jong-seok, who played for Pohang Youth. “(When I transferred) I think my parents liked it the most. I decided to go to Pocheol Technical High School when I was in high school, but then I ended up going to Maetang High School. There is also a desire to give. It is a corporate club, and as much as I came to a big team, I think I should work hard with pride.”

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