Kim Hyo-joo, the vanguard of 18 consecutive championships, escapes from silence, “gaining confidence in the remaining games”

Kim Hyo-joo (28) showed confidence in the remaining three days of the game as she started in a tie for third place on the first day of the LPGA Tour HSBC Women’s World Championship (total prize money of $1.8 million).

Kim Hyo-joo tied 6 birdies and 2 bogies in the 1st round of the LPGA Tour HSBC Women’s World Championship (total prize money of 1.8 million dollars) held at the Tanjong Course (par 72) at Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore on the 2nd, and scored 4 under par 68. hit it Lee Jeong-eun (27) also recorded a 4-under-par 68 that day and tied for 3rd place with Kim Hyo-joo. Elizabeth Sokol (USA), who recorded an 8-under-par 64, took the sole lead, and Yuka Saso (Japan) finished the first round with a 5-under-par 67 in sole second place.

Korean players set out to escape the silence of victory that lasted for 18 competitions in this competition.

The last Korean player to win the LPGA Tour was Jeon In-ji (29), who won the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship in June last year. Since then, no Korean player has won a championship in 18 tournaments.

This is the record for the most consecutive draws since 2010, and the most in 15 years since 27 consecutive “wins” from the Evian Masters in July 2007 to the Corning Classic in May 2008.

The reason why the championship silence is prolonged is the strength of the traditional powerhouses of the United States and Europe, the revival of Korean player Lydia Ko (New Zealand), and the progress of emerging powers such as Thailand and Mexico.

Of the 18 tournaments in which Korean players did not win, the United States won 6, Lydia Ko won 2, Australia (Lee Min-ji), Canada (Brooke Henderson), Thailand (Ataya Titikul), Mexico (Gabi Lopez), South Africa ( Ashley Buhai and Paula Leto), Japan (Ayaka Furue), Norway (Maya Stokes), England (Charlie Hull), and Scotland (Gemma Driverg) shared the championship trophy.

On the other hand, Korean players had many variables, such as Ko Jin-young (28) and Park In-bi (35) not being able to play normally due to injuries and personal circumstances.

Kim Hyo-joo and Lee Jeong-eun tied for 3rd place on the first day of the tournament, creating a foothold to break the long silence of winning.

Kim Hyo-joo has the experience of winning this competition in 2021. He hit 17 under par in four days at the time. He shot a 5-under-par 67 on the first day, 68 on the second day, 72 on the third day, and 8-under 64 in the fourth round on the final day to win.

In the last 5 years, there have been many winners at 17 under par. In the 2019 tournament, Park In-bi set the record for the lowest score with 19 under par, and in 2019, Park Seong-hyun won with 15 under par. In the remaining three tournaments, all winners came out at 17 under par.

A 4-under start on the first day is a satisfactory result as there is a high possibility that a winner will come out in a similar number of strokes in this tournament as well.

In terms of game content, it continued the upward trend that it showed recently. Kim Hyo-joo started the 2023 season in a good mood by finishing in a tie for 10th in the Honda LPGA Thailand, which ended last week. On this day, she played a stable game with a fairway landing rate of 71.43% (10/14), a green hit rate of 88.89% (16/18), and the number of putts was 30.

After the game, Kim Hyo-joo said, “Looking at today’s results, it was a very satisfactory round as a result.” I think I gained confidence for the remaining three days by finishing the first day well with good grades today.”

After winning the US Women’s Open in 2019, Lee Jung-eun, who had not won and showed some ups and downs last year, entered the competition for the championship after a long time. 토토사이트

Lee Jeong-eun said in an interview with the LPGA Tour, “For the past three years, his swing has been ruined a lot because he has been on tour without a coach. So he continues to work on fixing his swing and is getting better with a new coach three months ago,” he explained.

A total of 12 Korean players participated in this tournament, and 9 recorded under par on the first day.

Ji Eun-hee (36) tied for 9th with a 3 under par 69 strokes, Kim A-rim (28), Jeon In-ji (29), Anna Lin (27), and Shin Ji-eun (31) each recorded 2 under par 70 strokes, tied for 14th place, Choi Hye-jin ( 24) and Choi Woon-jeong (32) tied for 29th with a 1-under 71.

Defending champions Jinyoung Koh (28) and Heeyeong Yang (33) finished the first round with even par, and Seiyoung Kim (30) finished the first round with a 1-over par of 73.

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