KIA Kim Seok-hwan, who wants to jump up, “I want to spend a season without regrets”

“I want to spend a season without regrets.”

Kim Seok-hwan of the KIA Tigers did not achieve the results he wanted last year. He had a chance to start from the opening series by wielding a 30% hit in the exhibition game, but ended up with no hits. 

Kim Seok-hwan, who could hardly break through the clogged blood, had to go down to the 2nd team and spend more time. The first team stage performance was 51 games, batting average 0.149, 3 homers, 7 RBIs, OPS 0.518. In the end, the potential of the promising giant did not explode.

Kim Seok-hwan, who recalled the year 2022, said, “It was a season that was a good experience for me. I had a lot of failures, and I learned a lot from failures. I saw.

After the season, Kim Seok-hwan showed off his hot hitting feeling while playing for Geelong Korea, an Australian professional baseball team. He played in 10 games, and he swung a hard hit with a batting average of 0.294, 4 homers, 10 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.105.

When asked about his performance in Geelong Korea, Kim Seok-hwan said, “I was satisfied because I was able to do what I thought. I tried to do it to my heart’s content with confidence. I liked the technique and the mental part.”

Kim Seok-hwan returned to Korea early without finishing the league. He was diagnosed with lymphadenitis and returned home early.

Fortunately, Kim Seok-hwan quickly recovered his health. He said, “I’m completely fine now. I went to the hospital the next day after I came to Korea, and after taking medicine for about 10 days, I felt better. After that, I slowly started exercising.”

At the same time, Kim Seok-hwan announced his current situation regarding personal training, saying, “I have been focusing on weight training since the end of last month, and I have been doing technical exercises since the beginning of January this year.” 메이저사이트

KIA will start spring camp in Arizona, USA from February 1st. Kim Seok-hwan is put to the test once again. He is inevitably competing for a spot in the outfield. Depending on the situation, Kim Seok-hwan may get a chance as a first baseman. There are no guaranteed spots, but Arizona is the land of opportunity.

Kim Seok-hwan expressed his determination, saying, “Based on what I felt and experienced last season, I want to be confident from the camp. My goal is to play my own baseball.”

◆ Question to Rabbit players

Q. This year is my year! Which two rabbits do you want to catch this season?

“First of all, it’s baseball. I want to play the baseball I want to play, and confidence is the most important thing. I want to push through what I initially thought rather than change to another direction after setting one direction. And I hope my grades come out well. If you play the baseball you want to play, your grades will follow, but I want to do well as well as I prepared. I want to spend a season with no regrets left.”

Q. Kyoto Three Caves (狡兎三窟), the clever rabbit digs three burrows. My three keywords this season.

“I would like to put confidence first. Last season, I was intimidated by myself because of poor results. I experienced that and felt that mind control is important regardless of whether the regular season results are good or bad. Physical strength trained through weight training is also important. I need to have good physical strength to play one season. I am preparing more in the off-season than last year. I will try to exercise consistently in the regular season. Next is technology. As much as I am preparing well in the off-season, I hope to do well in the regular season. In the case of technique, even if you prepare well, the game does not necessarily go well, so I think confidence and stamina are the most important.”

Q. 12 years from the next year of the rabbit, what do I want to be like?

“I want to be a baseball player that comes to mind when I think of KIA Tigers and professional baseball. And after 12 years, I think I will be the most senior member of the team.

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