KGC Ginseng Corporation, the most 7 consecutive victories in the season, ‘leading run’

Anyang Ginseng Corporation, a leader in professional basketball, is continuing its unstoppable lead.

After beating Hyundai Mobis, they won 7 consecutive wins, the most this season.

Professional basketball news, Reporter Heo Jae-won reports.

As befits the two teams that have kept the top spot throughout the season, the battle continued without concessions.

Until the middle of the 4th quarter, a great game unfolded with reversals repeatedly.

It was at the end of the 4th quarter that KGC Ginseng Corporation’s 3 stores exploded one after another.

With about 4 minutes left, Park Ji-hoon took the lead with an accurate 3-point shot from the left flank, and Spellman opened up the score by 10 points with two 3-pointers in a row.

Spellman scored 27 points, the most among players on both teams, including 10 points only in the 4th quarter, which turned into a battle.

The leader, Ginseng Corporation, was the first to reach 30 wins by running 7 consecutive wins, the team’s most consecutive win this season. 스포츠토토

It beat the second place by 3.5 games and continued to lead the race.

[Kim Sang-sik / Director of KGC Ginseng Corporation: We had a tough game in the beginning, showing inferiority in rebounding. Entering the 3rd and 4th quarters, our players were able to work out fast attacks and attacks well without losing in defense and rebounding.]

SK Choi Jun-yong blocked foreign opponent Holloway’s shot with a block shot and roared.

3.7 seconds before the end of the game, when KOGAS was behind by 3 points, Lee Dae-heon got 3 free throws, but missed 2 and lost the last chance to pursue.

SK won 3 consecutive wins with a 4-point victory, and KOGAS fell into a 7-game losing streak, the most since its foundation.

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