Kang Baek-ho apologizes for the absurd Arirang…”Such scenes come out several times a year. Park Hae-min had a sense”

The LG Twins will face off against the Hanwha Eagles in the 4th game of the season at Jamsil Stadium on the 19th. LG won KT on the 18th the previous day.

Prior to the game, LG changed the first team entry. Seo Geon-chang went down to the 2nd division, and Song Chan-eui went up to the 1st division.

Director Yeom Kyung-yeop said of Seo Geon-chang, “I will come after preparing a little more in the second team.”

Lee Jae-won will stand by as a pinch hitter for the outfield rotation on this day. Hanwha starter Moon Dong-ju was conscious of the fast ball. The following is a question and answer.  

– Yesterday, you said that you would let Park Hae-min rest, but Lee Jae-won is out of the lineup today.

Park Hae-min’s intuition continues to be fine. It is still too early for Lee Jae-won to adapt to a ball that is faster than 150 km. he has to go some more I will go out as a substitute. I think Seong-soo, Hae-min, and Chang-gi are better for Dong-ju Moon. 

-There is an entry change.

Seo Geon-chang went to the 2nd Army. He thinks it is better to go to District 2 and prepare more. Gyeonggi-do will come up. Chan-ui came up, I will come here and practice a lot and go to a game once to gain experience. He appeared mainly as a second baseman in the second team. He will go out when the score gap is large even as a second baseman. 

-How did you see Park Hae-min’s score yesterday?

Haemin did it sensibly and well. Together with the juru coach. Such cases come up often. It happens a few times a year that an outfielder throws the ball loose and gives home runs. So I always tell the outfielder to throw the ball to the infielder quickly. The outfielder throws to the infielder quickly, but it’s over. 

-You attacked Go Young-pyo well.

This is because he did not miss the changeup and two-seam mismatch and hit well. He took a high course target and hit it. Koh Young-pyo’s low ball becomes a ground ball even if he hits it, so you should throw it away and hit it high. 토토사이트

-When he is a domestic starting pitcher, he has a lot of bullpen consumption.

With the difference in scores in the second half of yesterday, I was able to save three people (Jung Woo-young, Yoo Young-chan, and Ham Deok-ju). There are three of them today, so the starter only needs to throw 6 innings.

Yesterday, Park Myung-geun’s blocking of the bases safely was the biggest. He conceded a run, but he gave up two runs and not conceding more set the stage for a win. Had he allowed an extra two runs or so, it would change the bullpen operation. In that case, it is not a game to be won, but a pursuit team should be put in. It was difficult for Myeong-geun to send the first batter to the 4th pitch, and although he conceded a run, he blocked the bases well. 

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