K League 1 Seoul, captain replaced by Osmar… ‘Armband for the first time in 7 years’

 Professional football K League 1 FC Seoul has assigned a new captain armband to veteran foreign player Osmar (Spain).

The Seoul club announced on the 9th that it had replaced Ilyuchenko (Germany) with Osmar as the captain.

Osmar, who left his name as the club’s first foreign captain in 2016 when Seoul won the K-League 1 championship, will wear the armband again after 7 years.

Osmar is a ‘living legend’ who has played in Seoul since 2014 and has played in 256 league games, holding the record for the most appearances by a foreign player in the top league of professional football.

He plays the role of midfielder and center back and holds the center of the team. This season, during the 11th round, he appeared as a starter in 9 league games and is contributing to the team’s early rise.

Ilyuchenko, who has been the captain since field training ahead of this season, has only appeared in 7 league games, 5 of which as a starter.토토사이트

Ahn Ik-soo, Seoul coach, met with reporters ahead of the game against Gwangju FC that day and said, “Ilyuchenko is a very professional player with excellent self-esteem. But, I had a lot of worries about my physical condition.”

Coach Ahn said, “I was very worried when Ilyuchenko didn’t show the same performance as last year, and he said a lot of apologies. was strong,” he said.

“Isn’t Osmar a ‘foreign player like a Korean player’? He is a player who can represent the team and is the center of the story the team creates,” he said. I will do it,” he promised.

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