Joongang Elementary School beat Bibong Elementary School and cheered like a winner

 Even though Joongang Elementary School defeated Bibong Elementary School, it was eliminated from the preliminary round. Even so, I was happy as if I had won. Because they beat their local rivals.

Joongang Elementary School defeated Bibong Elementary School, 57-55, after a fierce battle that went on to overtime in the last game of the 22nd Korea Basketball Association National Elementary School Basketball Tournament Men’s Elementary Group A Preliminary held at Gimcheon Gymnasium on the 20th.

Prior to the head-to-head match between the two teams, Beolmalcho and Daegu Dorimcho, who belonged to the same group, faced each other first. Beolmalcho beat Daegu Dorimcho 56-29. Thanks to this match result, Joongangcho also has hopes of advancing to the final tournament.

If Joongang Elementary School wins by more than 14 points, it will achieve 1 win and 2 losses with Daegu Dorim Elementary School and Bibong Elementary School, and will be able to take second place depending on the difference in goal difference.토토사이트

Bibongcho takes second place if it loses by 13 points or less.

Joongangcho took the lead in the game by breaking through at the beginning of the game. With about 2 minutes left in the first quarter, they led by 17-8, 9 points. With this flow, it seemed that we could win by more than 14 points.

However, Kim Chan-hyeok could not be stopped. In addition, in the second quarter, only Park Seok-hyun scored 4 points and gave up 11 points. It was reversed 22-27. It didn’t happen with a big score difference, but it was pulled slightly.

The central seconds showed their concentration in the 4th quarter. made a tie They trailed 50-52 at the end of the fourth quarter. With 37 seconds left, Park Seok-hyun’s jumper tied the score and went into overtime.

After making a tie right before losing, the players in the middle school came into the bench and shouted, “It’s a tie,” and were happy. I was focusing on winning rather than advancing to the final tournament.

Joongang Elementary School scored the first goal of the extension with Jang Si-yoon’s breakthrough, and then added Park Seok-hyun’s score to run away with a 4-point gap. Even though they were in danger of being chased by a difference of one point, the players who overcame this were happy as if they had won when the victory was confirmed.

Joongangcho put significance on winning against local rival Bibongcho.

Bibongcho advances to the finals tournament in second place in the group ahead of the difference in points despite the defeat that day.

Beolmalcho defeated Daegu Dorimcho 56-29 and took first place in Group A with three consecutive victories. Unlike the score difference, Beolmalcho was disappointed in the content of the game. On the bench of Dorimcho, Daegu, where they were falling behind, he said, “Even though we are behind in points, we are leading the game.” Daegu Dorimcho finished the tournament with a record of 1 win and 2 losses.

In Group B, Gyeonggi Seongnam Elementary School took 1st place with 3 wins, and the other 3 teams tied with 1 win and 2 losses. Daegu Haeseocho, which had the most advantage with +4 points in the difference in score, took second place.

In Group C, Song Jeong-cho took 1st place with 3 wins, and Maesan-cho took 2nd place with 2 wins and 1 loss, taking the right to advance to the final tournament.

Seoul Samgwangcho defeated Gunsan Seohaecho 53-44 in Group E qualifiers, recording two wins and confirming their advance to the final tournament. Even if they lose to Sangsancho, who is losing 2 matches in the last game of the preliminaries, they secured first place in the group according to the winner-to-win principle. Seoul Samgwangcho scored and rebounded in all 10 players who participated in the game that day.

In another Group E qualifier, Seongnam Elementary School in Busan defeated Sangsan Elementary School 60-45 and took one win (one loss). Seongnam Elementary School in Busan and Seohae Elementary School in Gunsan, each with 1 win and 1 loss, will face each other to advance to the final tournament on the 21st.

Cheonan Bongseocho defeated Kukwoncho 71-16 in the Group F preliminary round. Cheonan Bongseo Elementary School, who won the tournament for the first time, will face Daegu Chilgok Elementary School on the 21st for the first place in the group. Kukwoncho ended this tournament with a defeat on the day.

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