Jeong Do-won, top of the 7th Srixon Tour… Tim Srixon ‘five consecutive’ wins

Jeong Do-won of Team Srixon reached the top of the 7th KPGA Srixon Tour.

On the 18th and 19th, Jeong Do-won recorded a final total of 12 under par 132 at the 7th Srixon Tour held at Solago CC (par 72) in Taean, Chungcheongnam-do. Jeong Do-won played an overtime match against Bae Yun-ho, who tied the game.

Both players recorded a par on the first hole of the extension on the 13th hole. Afterwards, in the second hole of the extension at the 14th hole, Jeong Do-won recorded a par, while Bae Yun-ho wrote down a triple bogey, and the winner of the championship was split.

Jeong Do-won lifted the second trophy in his career after the first Srixon Tour last year. After the game, Jeong Do-won said, “I’m happy to win the Srixon Tour for the second year in a row.”

In 2014, Jeong Do-won was the chief of the Korean Tour QT. He debuted on the Korean Tour in 2015. However, he failed to achieve outstanding results and retain his seed. He played on the PGA Tour China for about two years from 2019 after being discharged from the military.

As Jeong Do-won won this tournament, Team Srixon players achieved the feat of winning five consecutive tournaments from the 3rd Srixon Tour this year. It was possible because of Srixon’s full support for the development of the tour and the improvement of the players’ skills.

Srixon served as the title sponsor for all 20 tournaments of the second part of the tour in 2020. The name of the tournament was changed from the Challenge Tour to the Srixon Tour, and the development of the second part of the tour was promoted through substantial operation and continuous player sponsorship.토토사이트

Starting this season, all 20 Srixon Tour events will be broadcast, and a hole board and live scoring system will be installed on the course in all tournaments, creating a tournament with a similar environment to the Korean Tour.

Srixon, who signed 103 players in 2020, sponsors 392 players in 2022, contributing to the training of players. As a result of continuous contracts and player services, the average usage rate of Srixon G-Star golf balls has exceeded 40%. Rumor has it that more and more players are trusting and using the Srixon ball.

Srixon players have won three times in a total of 13 competitions in 2020. In 2021 and 2022, he reached the top five times in 20 competitions. Last year, Kim Sang-hyun, a Team Srixon player, became the prize winner.

An official from Srixon said, “This year, we will continue to make efforts and change for the challenge and growth of players, for the development of the Srixon Tour and Korean men’s professional golf through it.”

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