Jeon Seong-hyun’s 3 points stopped, Carrot’s home winning streak did not stop

The record of Jeon Seong-hyeon (188cm, F) has stopped. But Carrot’s march is ongoing.

Goyang Carrot defeated Seoul Samsung 68-65 in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league held at Goyang Gymnasium on the 30th. He escaped from the crisis of losing three in a row. Maintained 5th place with 19 wins and 17 losses. They chased 4th place Seoul SK (20-15) by 1.5 games.

Carrot became a new member of the KBL from the 2022-2023 season. With CEO Heo Jae at the head, we are trying to bring a new wind to the basketball world. Fans are also looking forward to Carrot’s existence.

However, Carrot’s power was unstable. This is because Lee Dae-seong (190cm, G) and Lee Seung-hyun (197cm, F), who were key players in the 2021-2022 season, departed through trade and free agent (FA), respectively.

It’s not that carrot doesn’t have a plus. This is because Jeon Seong-hyun, who became the top KBL shooter from the 2020-2021 season, came to Carrot as an FA. It was also a good thing for Jeon that coach Kim Seung-gi, head coach Sohn Kyu-wan, and coach Sohn Chang-hwan, who knew Jeon Seong-hyun well, came together.

As mentioned above, Jeon Seong-hyun is the main scorer of Carrot in the 2022-2023 season. Jeon Seong-hyun, who played all the regular league games (35 games), recorded 19.9 points, 2.9 assists, 2.1 rebounds and 1.1 steals in 32 minutes and 55 seconds per game.

In particular, Seong-Hyun Jeon’s 3-point shot has become a difficult option to block. He is making 4.0 3-pointers per game and has a 42.0% 3-point shooting percentage. In any situation, he gets 3 points at will. We are summoning all the legendary shooters of KBL history.

There is also the effect that Carrot got. As Jeon Seong-hyeon led the opponent’s defense, the potential of Lee Jung-hyeon (187cm, G) was also strongly revealed. The shooting ability of Cho Han-jin (193cm, F) and Choi Hyun-min (195cm, F) is also improving. This had a great impact on Carrot’s good performance.

However, Jeon Seong-hyun did something incomprehensible in the Suwon KT game on the 27th. Jung Sung-woo (178cm, G) did not apologize right after the dangerous foul, let alone the dangerous foul that almost injured him. He admitted his fault in an interview with a media outlet, but his fans’ eyes are bound to cry.

But there was no time to feel that gaze. This is because the check on Jeon Seong-hyun was great. Jeon Seong-hyun failed to create a proper shooting chance. Why did the ball focus on Didric Lawson (202cm, F)?

However, Seong-Hyun Jeon knows the consequences of an imbalance in team offense. So he moved more aggressively. He also struggled and dribbled. After that, the mid-range jumper. That’s how he completed his first goal.

But he didn’t have much speed. Also, given the long remaining time, it was necessary to save Jeon Seong-hyeon. So, 2 minutes and 26 seconds before the end of the first quarter, Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi called Seong-hyun Jeon to the bench.

Jeon Seong-hyun went back to the court 22 seconds before the end of the first quarter. He took over Lawson’s hand-off with a momentary ball move, then he immediately threw a 3. However, the distance was far, and the balance was too disturbed. No matter how Jeon Seong-hyun was, it was a difficult move for him to produce results.

However, Jeon Seong-hyeon now has flexibility. He doesn’t just see the attack. He also creates good passing conditions. An exquisite touch pass following the cut-in helped Lawson score. Even though he was defending cooperatively near the 3-point line, he led the 3-point lead of Cho Han-jin (194cm, F) in the left corner with a wide field of view.

Seong-Hyun Jeon only scored 2 points in the 2nd quarter. However, he recorded 3 assists. Most assists in the second quarter among players on both teams. Led Carrot’s reversal (38-37). There was something more encouraging. The point is that he gave the opponent’s defense one more option. This was an element that could double Jeon Seong-hyun’s shooting ability. 메이저사이트

Jeon Seong-hyun also raised the atmosphere in the third quarter. But the method wasn’t shooting. After predicting Samsung’s pass path, he intercepted it and made a quick attack. The easy layup score made Samsung collapse.

Like the 2nd quarter, he showed a sharp pass. After turning off the defensive line at 45 degrees from the left, he caught Cho Han-jin penetrating into the paint zone. A quick pass to Jo Han-jin. Jo Han-jin finished easily.

There were also a few 3-point opportunities. However, Jeon Seong-hyun’s three points did not explode. He missed three 3s he attempted in the third quarter. Other Carrot players also failed to score a single 3 in the third quarter. Carrot, who did not score a 3, finished the third quarter with a score of 50-54.

Jeon Sung-hyun’s 3 points did not explode even in the 4th quarter. However, with continued attempts, he got 3 foul free throws 6 minutes and 3 seconds before the end of the game. All 3 free throws were successful. Carrot reversed it 59-56. It induced Samsung’s second timeout in the second half.

Jeon Seong-hyun’s three points did not explode until the end. Jeon Seong-hyun’s three-point shooting streak stopped at ’76’. It was a great regret. However, Carrot recorded 5 consecutive home wins for the first time in the season. Jeon Seong-hyun had to be satisfied with the team’s record streak.

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