“It’s not easy to forgive in Korea”… Choo Shin-soo’s ‘academic violence junior’ defending excommunication

The traces of school violence are deep even for the perpetrators. In the baseball world, the ‘controversy over school violence’ is hot again. When Choo Shin-soo defended a junior player who was disciplined for school violence, even elders in the baseball world stepped up and raised their voices of criticism for being careless.

This is reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.


[Choo Shin-soo/SSG (YouTube ‘American Korean Broadcasting DKNET’): He’s a player with talent who can become a good player next to Park Chan-ho… I don’t think it’s easy for Korea to forgive.]

Choo Shin-soo defended An Woo-jin and even mentioned the public sentiment.

He claimed he had paid the full price for his abusive behavior.

[Choo Shin-soo/SSG (YouTube ‘American Korean Broadcasting DKNET’): I was punished (disciplinary) and suspended from business trips, and I did everything. You can’t go to international competitions, Ahn Woo-jin.]

Public opinion was fierce.

Even in the baseball world, there was a voice that said it was careless.

[Lee Soon-cheol/Former WBC national team coach: Because the victim has not forgiven, it is not easy to approach such a problem. When Ahn Woo-jin was selected, the aftermath was stronger… ]

Ahn Woo-jin was disciplined for assaulting juniors in his high school baseball team.

He also lost his national team status.

However, you can go to the WBC hosted by the major leagues, but the Korea Baseball Organization did not qualify after much thought.

Skills aren’t everything.

[Cho Beom-hyeon/Korea Baseball Commission Technical Committee: Considering various things such as the symbolic meaning of the national team representing the country, responsibility, and pride… ]

Ahn Woo-jin’s controversy over school violence has not yet been resolved. 먹튀검증

The WBC is also a competition that represents a country.

Because of this, the atmosphere is that fans do not understand Choo Shin-soo’s protruding remarks.

In the midst of this, coach Ahn Young-myeong, a former pitcher, supported Shin-soo Choo as a “real senior” and apologized as criticism continued.

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