“It’s been a long time coming!”…hot ‘giant karaoke’ resignation ballroom

Busan is buzzing with excitement over Lotte, the top-ranked team in the Korean Baseball Organization.

Sajik Baseball Stadium is said to have a festival-like atmosphere.

Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan before a home game.

It’s a weekday, but fans start gathering long before the game starts.

Lotte has won nine games in a row for the first time in 15 years and is in a tight three-way tie with LG and SSG.

Lotte fans, known for their love of baseball, are having a great time.

[Lee Da-eun / LOTTE Giants fan: The team has changed a lot from last year, and the pitchers are doing well, so I think we’ll win].

[Bu Chang-yong / Lotte Giants fan: I cheer for Lotte even if they don’t do well, and this year they’re doing so well that I feel so good, so I’m cheering harder].

[Kim Jae-min / Lotte Giants fan: I feel so good, I hope Lotte will play fall baseball by all means, cheers].

Attendance has also increased significantly.

On average, more than 12,000 people visit the stadium every day, including weekdays, which is a 43% increase from last year, when the number was around 8,000.

[Kim Won-joong / LOTTE GIANTS Pitcher: I feel like I can always have more fun playing because the stadium is so full].

[Kim Min-seok / LOTTE Giants Outfielder : I think it’s really encouraging and grateful that so many fans always come to the ballpark to support us].

The bag cheer has been replaced with a pair of cheers to help protect the environment, but the mid-game transformation into a giant karaoke bar hasn’t changed.토토사이트

Sajik Baseball Stadium, which is said to be the world’s largest karaoke bar, has become a hot spot for Lotte’s performance.

From a traditional favorite to a powerhouse team.

The new-look Lotte is leading the popularity of baseball this season, which started with concerns and bad news.

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