Isn’t it the ‘second round’ of a catcher’s life? 19-year-old hero rookie, Yokishi and Furado also breathe fantasy battery

Nurturing young catchers in their 20s is an overall essential task for recent KBO League clubs. This is because the age range of the main catchers on each team is aging. At least Kiwoom Heroes can laugh widely with the appearance of this player. It is the rookie catcher Kim Dong-heon.

On April 15, against the Gocheok KIA Tigers, Kim Dong-heon started as the 6th hitter catcher and recorded no hits, 1 RBI and 1 walk in 1 at-bat. It was a day in which his teamwork with starting pitcher Ariel Furado stood out more than his record at bat.토스카지노

Kim Dong-heon already showed brilliant battery breathing with Eric Yokishi in the Gocheok KIA match on the 14th. On this day, Yokishi led the team to a 9-2 victory with 5 hits and 2 runs in 7 innings. After the game, Yokishi praised Kim Dong-heon for his defensive performance.

Director Hong Won-ki of Kiwoom also highly valued Kim Dong-heon. Coach Hong met with reporters before the game on the 15th and said, “In the case of Kim Dong-heon, I am watching how he plays in defense rather than offense at bat. He doesn’t care if he hits or misses. Yesterday (the 14th), there were many similarities between Yokishi and the ball formulation, and the pitcher lead itself matured inappropriately for his age. If he defends like that, he will be of great help in managing the game in the future.”

As expected by director Hong, Kim Dong-hun showed good battery chemistry with Hura-do. Whenever there was a scoring crisis, Hurado and Kim Dong-heon’s battery escaped from the crisis with a ball combination that led to beomta induction. Hurado, who had failed to become a winning pitcher in the previous two appearances, succeeded in achieving his first victory of the season he had been waiting for with a good pitching against KIA other lines that day with 6 hits, 5 strikeouts, and 1 run.

Coach Hong Won-ki said after the game, “Congratulations to Hurado on their first win in the KBO League. He gave stable pitching while adjusting the pitching tempo. He was delighted, saying, “The battery breathing with Kim Dong-heon was good, and he fulfilled his duties well until the 6th episode.”

Hurado was also satisfied with working with Kim Dong-heon. “I am happy to help the team continue their winning streak,” said Hurado. I discussed the pitching plan with Kim Dong-hun before the game, and I put it into practice, and the result was good. There was a crisis every inning, but it was over well. Thank you for supporting me on the line and defense. The team hasn’t been good lately, but I think it’s a process I always go through during the season. I will do my best in my role and contribute to the victory of the team.”

It is not uncommon for a rookie catcher to be included in the first team entry from the beginning of the season in the first year of joining, and to start. It is even more surprising to lead the team to a rebound by matching battery breathing with foreign pitchers. Kim Dong-heon’s performance at the beginning of the season is such that it is the second time in his life as a catcher, and the atmosphere is that smiles are widening on the faces of the Hero Corps and Kiwoom fans.

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