Is ‘Excluding 3-day training’ really a punishment? Hanwha’s clearly visible intentions

Excluding the 3-day training, can it be called discipline?

The controversy over Choo Shin-soo (SSG) seemed to be calming down, but this time, a bomb from Hanwha Eagles rookie Kim Seo-hyun fell. It’s an agu system that doesn’t have a windy day.

Kim Seo-hyun is a rookie pitcher that Hanwha ambitiously selected as the first overall pick in the rookie draft. It must have been nice to see a pitcher who threw a fastball close to 160km in a weaker Hanwha. He was immediately taken to US battery training.

But what is this? I hit a big accident with SNS. Although it is a private account, the level of gossip from coaches and fans was high to say that it was written with the finger of a 19-year-old player.

Of course, you might think that it is possible because he is still a young player. Isn’t it called the MZ generation? It is said that the thinking itself is different from the previous generation. You may not think that it is wrong to say that I cannot write my own writing in my private space. That’s why even after the accident happened, I clicked ‘Like’ on the club’s social media. It may not be a matter of education.

However, regardless of age, Seohyun Kim is now a ‘professional’. You have to set an example for your fans in everything. And he doesn’t have to hold his breath unconditionally in the team just because he’s the youngest like in the old days, but he should know how to respect the leaders and seniors who have played baseball longer than himself. It’s not necessary, it’s basic.

The problem is the club’s response as an adult. The Hanwha club announced that they were aware of the seriousness and announced the disciplinary action of excluding the 3-day training. He said that fines would be imposed at a later date. Since it is not possible to suddenly impose a large fine on a 19-year-old player, it seems that the fine was talked about to calm the angry public.

The problem is excluding the 3-day training 토토사이트. It is not possible to say that the management of the club is overworked or closed, but if it is such a big problem, wouldn’t it be the first thing to take measures to return home immediately? When I return to the team after taking a 3-day break, I wonder what the atmosphere of the team during training will be like. I can’t erase the feeling that this decision was made worrying that I might not be hurt by the ‘precious child’ who just needs to grow up quickly, or that I won’t be able to use it right away if I don’t train.

Accidents happen all the time, and follow-up measures follow. But what’s too bad is that the standard for looking at it changes depending on the player’s skill or potential. At the end of last year, Hanwha captain Ha Joo-seok committed an unbelievable accident. Drunk Driving. In particular, Ha Joo-seok was shocked by the judgment during the last season and had a history of throwing a helmet at the dugout and having a history of being disciplined.

In this situation, if it was another team or another player, it would have been unconditionally released. However, Hanwha is covering Joo-Seok Ha until the end. I can’t even try to find another reason. This is because there is no shortstop like Ha Joo-seok right now. You’ll want him to finish his 70-game suspension and come back and play in the second half. The player bows his head and says, “I will repay you with baseball,” and if you do well, you will be cheered and the old things will be forgotten.

The same goes for social media issues. There is a case where Hanwha has been severely whipped. In 2017, when the situation in which beast Kim Won-seok made a last-minute remark on social media was caught, Hanwha issued an immediate release. But why is this standard not applied to Kim Seo-hyun and Ha Joo-seok?

Of course, this is not a problem unique to Hanwha. Most other clubs do the same thing. Many incidents unknown to the world occur within the baseball team. However, if you do well in baseball, there are many cases where you pass quietly.

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