Infinite potential, big synergy with Wonjun & Chanho…Kim Doyoung is the KIA detonator

 Shall we detonate the detonator? 

KIA Tigers infielder Kim Do-young (19) is no longer a rookie. The 2023 season is the second year of his career. Therefore, it is difficult to use the terms ‘genius rookie’ and ‘super rookie’ as modifiers. He now faces the task of creating new modifiers such as ‘genius hitter’ and ‘super hitter’. 

He was the starting pitcher for the first month of last year’s opening, but was put down due to poor batting, and contributed as a major runner and defensive agent. He played 103 games and 254 plate appearances. He batted 2.3 with 7 runs, 3 home runs, 19 RBI, 37 runs scored, and 13 stolen bases. He was a backup agent, but a full-time first-team player who never went down to the Futures team last year. 

He is expected to explode this year, but it is not an easy situation. Manager Kim Jong-guk plans to use both third baseman and shortstop. Of course, not all of them are main. Ryu Ji-hyeok is holding out at third base, and Park Chan-ho is the immovable shortstop. He needs to beat the starting pitchers, whether at third base or shortstop, to build his position. Neither of these two players are ready to give up their starting positions. 

The best picture coach Kim Jong-guk draws is for Kim Do-young to play as third baseman like last year’s opening game. It requires reasonable conditions 카지노사이트. He has to prove his batting ability to become a starter. Already, Juru has been recognized as one of the top players in the league. The defensive power has also improved. The key is to increase the batting and on-base percentage.  

Although the opening month of last year was sluggish, it is clear that the team showed potential in hitting as the season progressed. He showed adaptability in early July, when he appeared in 11 games and collected 11 hits. He went back to the backup, but in the last game of the season against KT, he scored 3 hits and was meaningful. He was a strong hit promising the 2023 season. 

If Kim Do-yeong, who has the ability to steal bases, shows potential in batting, it is no different from a detonator. First of all, there is a new first hitter option. Park Chan-ho is expected to continue to lead off as he did last year. However, if Kim Do-young shows his ability, he can be appointed as the number 9 considering Chan-ho Park’s defensive burden. If Kim Do-young plays as a leadoff, the balance between offense and defense improves. 

In addition, the immovable lead-off Choi Won-joon will return in early June after completing his military service. Choi Won-joon, Kim Do-young, and Park Chan-ho are lined up at 9-2, and depending on the opponent, they can put out various batting order. Choi Won-jun and Park Chan-ho were recognized in the league. When Kim Do-young joins the ranks, KIA can use active attack patterns such as batting and running. Key player Kim Do-young’s two-year difference makes me even more curious.

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