“Including star class” 18 people in danger of leaving Dominica… last twist left

 The Dominican Republic, which aims to win the WBC in 10 years, was in crisis even before the start of the tournament. More than one-third of the 50 interest lists, or 18, received opposition from their clubs. Nelson Cruz (San Diego) player and general manager is thinking of pulling out the last card for this situation.

Dominican Republic media CDN37 reported on the 29th (Korean time) that “18 players from the Dominican Republic faced opposition from their clubs to participate in the WBC.” Cruz and coach Rodney Linares (Tampa Bay coach) said that it was not easy to make a final list because too many players were against being drafted.

Although no specific list has been released as to which players fall under this category, there are also rumors that star players are included. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Toronto) re-emphasized his intention to participate in the WBC and left a message on social media saying, “I hope not.” 메이저사이트

Cruz is pinning his hopes on the decision of the WBCI Injury Jury, which is stipulated in the tournament rules. A five-member injury review committee is entitled to determine the reasonableness of a major league club’s objection to its player’s participation in a tournament for medical or other special reasons. “I’m trying to go through a process to see if players who have been blocked can compete in the WBC,” Cruz said.

After the announcement of the interest list, the Dominican Republic emerged as the number one favorite, overtaking the United States. If you look at the expected lineup, the batting line is solid enough that the hitters who are in charge of the batting order in the center of their team will be pushed past the 6th.

The starting rotation is also strong. Luis Castillo (Seattle) joined the duo of National League Cy Young Award winner Sandy Alcantara (Miami) and World Series champion Framber Valdes-Christian Javier (both Houston). Closers like Camilo Doval (San Francisco) and Emmanuel Classe (Cleveland) guard the back door.

However, this prediction can become a reality when the players who want to participate participate as they are. The formation of the Dominican Republic’s dream team is drawing more attention as it is also related to the box office success of the tournament.

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