‘I’m confident in my 100m, 11secs,’ says Choi, who is a big runner with a big heart

Choi Seung-min, who was traded from NC to LG, joined the LG roster on the 20th.

On the 18th, LG sent pitcher Chae Ji-sun (28) to NC in a one-for-one trade for right-handed outfielder Choi Seung-min (27). During the All-Star break, LG had a rest day with no training on the 19th and held training at Jamsil Stadium on the 20th.

At Jamsil Stadium, Choi greeted LG’s players, including manager Yoon Kyung-yup, and trained with them. After training with the first team for a day, Choi will join the second team on the 21st.

Choi will focus on stealing bases in the second team, giving him time to work on his bunting and other operational skills. For defence, he will play all three outfield positions evenly. “I will try to adapt well to the new team and show a good performance,” said Choi Seung-min. Here’s his one-on-one interview안전놀이터

-How did you feel about the trade?

I was surprised at first, but I was happy that the opportunity came.

-What did you mean by surprised?

I’ve never been traded before, so I was surprised. It was a pleasant surprise.

-On leaving NC.

I’m sorry that I spent nine years in Changwon, but nostalgia is nostalgia, and I’ll do my best to adapt to the new team and show a good performance.

-I said hello to coach Yeom Kyung-yup.

He said, “Welcome to the team. He told me to think about what I need.

-What roles have you been told you’ll play?

I think I need to focus on being a big hitter, a big defender, and when I get a chance to hit, I need to do well in each at-bat.

-They said they’re going to have me play all three outfield spots.

I’m most confident in the middle infield, but I can play (left and right) as well.

-The focus is on runners, how fast are they?

My 100m is 11 seconds. I think I’m confident in my speed, but (stealing bases) is not all about speed, it’s about knowing the pitcher’s habits and preparing well.

-On your advantage in stealing bases.

I think acceleration is an advantage. I was the fastest in the NC.

-Just joined the team today after the trade was announced.

I packed up my stuff in Changwon on the 18th and came up today. Home is Seoul. My parents are happy. They told me to do well in the new team.

-What are you looking forward to about your new team?

Having the most fans. I’ve been getting goosebumps (from LG fans) since I was in NC.

-How did you feel when you heard your trade team was LG?

I thought they were a strong team when I saw them on other teams. It was nice to think that I could be a part of LG, and I should be proud of it.

-On whether he was motivated to join LG.

I was motivated by Ahn Ik-hoon and Choi Min-chang.

-I had experience as a captain in NC, and I’m determined to be a captain.

I know that I will have to play in tight situations and play in every game, but I will prepare by analysing the pitcher’s habits.

-On what you need to work on in terms of stolen bases. I have a 69 per cent stolen base rate in the second team.

I need to work on my speed in the moment. Starting move.

I was traded because the LG wanted me, and coach Yoon Kyung-yeop predicted it.

I’m grateful to my manager.

-On his batting

I think my contact ability is good.

-The coach talked about bunting and the ability to perform operations.

I’m confident in it (bunting), but I think I need to work on the details.

-The coach said that Jeong Soo-bin (Doosan) also started as a pinch hitter and defender and made it to the main lineup, so if you have any aspirations or dreams.

I would love to be a starter, but my current position is as a backup and I am focusing on my role as a big runner and big defender, and I am not thinking about being a starter. I will do my job well.

Choi joined NC as a developmental player in 2015 and made his first-team debut in 2019 after completing his military service. By last year, he had played 116 games in his career, batting 2-for-9 (22-for-74) with five home runs, 32 runs scored and 16 stolen bases.

This season, Choi did not make the first team and played in the Futures League. In 24 Futures League games, he batted 2-for-39 (16-for-67) with six RBIs and seven stolen bases.

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