‘If the crowd is uncomfortable’ Gas Corporation excludes cheerleaders from cheerleading squad

Korea Gas Corporation has decided not to send cheerleaders to the cheerleading stage in reflection of fans’ opinions.

On the 4th, the Daegu Gymnasium where Daegu Korea Gas Corporation and Suwon KT had a head-to-head match. On this day, 1927 spectators entered. It was the second largest crowd after 2787 in the home opener this season.

Gas Corporation usually sends two cheerleaders to the cheering squad on the second floor to encourage fans to cheer along with the cheerleader.

On the 4th, a cheerleader came up one by one to the front of the left and right spectators seats on the opposite side of the cheering podium and drew support from the fans. A total of four cheerleaders came up to the front of the crowd.

On the 8th, at the Daegu Gymnasium where the game between KOGAS and Changwon LG was held, it was the opposite of the 4th. On this day, the cheerleaders didn’t even stand in front of the cheering podium. 메이저놀이터

This is because there were complaints that the cheerleaders in the game on the 4th obstructed the view of the fans seated in the front seats.

A Gas Corporation official said, “In the game on the 4th, more spectators came than usual, so we sent two more cheerleaders to the front of the stands to induce a bigger cheer. However, it did not induce cheering as much as expected. The fans sitting in the seats next to the main seat seem to want to watch the game quietly. “I made a mistake in my judgment.” There are opinions that it interferes with watching the game, and I am also concerned about the safety of cheerleaders, so I decided not to put cheerleaders on the cheerleaders in the future.”

From the time KOGAS was founded, the top priority was fans. After the game, regardless of the win or loss, all the players have a meeting with the fans and ask for autographs or photos. The color and design of this season’s uniforms were selected by reflecting fans’ opinions.

Gas Corporation, which is now in its second season, responds immediately to fans’ reactions while making various attempts. The same applies to the exclusion of cheerleaders cheering in front of the crowd.

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