“I was surprised by Lee Kang-in’s popularity” Klinsman’s confession, should I give him the first selection opportunity

 Director Jurgen Klinsmann (59) was also surprised by Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca)’s huge popularity. 

The national soccer team, led by coach Klinsman, will have an evaluation match against Uruguay at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8:00 pm on the 28th. Coach Klinsman, who drew 2-2 with Colombia in his debut match on the 24th, is aiming for his first victory once again. 토토사이트

In the match against Colombia, coach Klinsman put in Lee Kang-in and Oh Hyun-kyu as substitutes at the same time in the second half. Lee Kang-in responded to Klins’ unique color by pursuing offensive soccer with sharp passes and the ability to depressurize. 

After the inauguration of Klinsman, questions related to Lee Kang-in are not missing at all press conferences. The same goes for Uruguay. Whether or not Lee Kang-in is selected is a hot topic. 

When asked about Lee Kang-in, Klinsmann laughed and said, “Lee Kang-in is a talented young player. He is very popular in Korea and realizes that there is a lot of interest in him. He is still in the process of developing. He will become more mature.” 

Lee Kang-in also shot a commercial for KT, the official sponsor of the Korea Football Association, and a chicken commercial. If you live in Korea, you can see Lee Kang-in’s face on TV every day. Mallorca coach Javier Aguirre was dissatisfied with Lee Kang-in’s high popularity, saying that the Mallorca game was assigned at 2:00 pm local time due to ‘Lee Kang-in marketing’. 

Klinsman, who said he watched all the Mallorca games, said, “I know Coach Aguire well. I am looking forward to what kind of game Lee Kang-in will play tomorrow. It will be fun,” he replied. 

Will Klinsmann give Lee Kang-in his first chance to start? Lee Kang-in, who has a bad relationship with Federico Valverde, is also seeking revenge in the living room. / jasonseo34@osen.co.kr

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