“I wanted to hear it, so I kept it in check”… A transfer student who wants to recover his reputation, waits for fans’ support 

“I wanted to hear the sound, so I tried to keep it in check.”

Pitcher Yoon Myeong-jun (34), now a Lotte Giants player, had a ‘provocation (?)’ against Lotte fans when he was with Doosan in the past. He explained the reason for the provocation, saying, “I wanted to hear the sound, so I deliberately checked it.” “Lotte fans’ enthusiasm is now known to everyone even if they don’t say it. I thought the cheering was really passionate and cool.”

After graduating from Dongseong High School and Korea University in 2012 and being nominated by Doosan as the 6th overall pick in the first round, Yoon Myung-jun was a pitcher who was silent and did his part in the pitching team at Doosan. He recorded 28 wins, 13 losses, 15 saves and 63 holds with a 4.43 earned run average in 389 games. He took on the role of the bullpen’s bullpen, sometimes as a finisher, sometimes as a winning group, and sometimes as a long relief, and accumulated considerable stepping stones in building the Doosan dynasty.

However, last year, Yoon Myung-jun only recorded an ERA of 8.46 with 1 win and 1 loss in 20 games. It was the worst season of my career. In the end, this one sluggish season drove Yoon Myung-jun’s career to the brink.

At the edge of the cliff, Lotte reached out to Yoon Myung-jun with a helping hand. Yoon Myeong-jun, whom I met at Lotte’s Guam spring camp, said, “Last year, I tried many things, but I went through too many trials and errors. I tried this and that, but I couldn’t settle down. Since my grades weren’t coming out, I was so depressed and my confidence was low,” he said. “Baseball life Isn’t it the age that could be the end of ‘? These days, you have to have skills to play baseball unconditionally, but I am so grateful that you gave me one more chance anyway.” 먹튀검증

He changed his uniform for the first time. However, there were players everywhere who helped the team adapt and could be relied on. He said, “(Kim) Wonjoong, my junior in high school, taught me a lot, and the seniors took good care of me and played their role well.” Noh) Jinhyeok is also a high school friend,” he said, “I somehow had more connections with Lotte than I thought. Also, Coach Bae Youngsoo is there. I didn’t have much difficulty adapting.”

A reunion with coach Bae Young-soo, who he worked with at Doosan last year, can also be a new motivation for Yoon Myung-jun. Coach Bae emphasized “recovery of honor” for new recruited pitchers such as Yun Myeong-jun, Cha Woo-chan, Kim Sang-soo, and Shin Jeong-rak. He said, “Coach Young-Soo Bae told the veteran pitchers who came with him about his wish, ‘I hope we can finish in a good mood.’

He also thought that coach Bae Young-soo’s existence was essential to the turning point of his career. He said, “I know the coach’s style well again. I also know that he is cold-hearted. And I came to Lotte because I trusted the coach. I think he will calmly tell me whether I should play more baseball or not.”

He entered Guam as the camp selection team and made his body fit, and on the 2nd, the first day of the entire camp, he even finished pitching in the bullpen. He explained, “The workout is the same wherever you are. And the first day is always exciting. I think it was similar. But it felt different because I was wearing a new uniform.”
There is no other resolution. He said, “I don’t have a personal goal. Now I’ve moved the team, but I feel that the team is thinking of winning, so I hope I can help them achieve good results by being a little bit helpful.” I will work really hard, so I hope you will watch over me and support me a lot.”

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