I started with high expectations, but I placed 10th… Incheon Kim Do-hyeok “But it’s still not too late”

Pro soccer K League 1 Incheon United’s ‘multi-man’ Do-hyeok Kim said, “It’s not too late” for the team’s poor performance at the beginning of the season, and promised “we will definitely rebound.” did.

Incheon is in 10th place out of 12 teams with 2 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses (9 points) until the 9th round of the K League 1 this season.

Incheon earned the right to participate in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) by finishing fourth last season, and in the winter transfer market, they strengthened their power by recruiting Shin Jin-ho, Mpoku, Gerso, and Cheon Seong-hun.

However, the team was rather sluggish, and it came down to the relegation zone.

Kim Do-hyeok also diligently played in 8 games, going back and forth between side defender and striker, but he has no offensive points yet.

Kim Do-hyeok bit his lip, saying, “Last year, I had the strength to endure and overcome difficult moments. This season, I think I am playing a tough game because I still lack the strength to endure.”

Incheon took a 2-1 lead against Suwon FC on the 22nd, but conceded a goal at the last minute and drew 2-2.

After the match against Ulsan, Kim Do-hyeok said, “The match against Suwon FC was not able to withstand the situation in which we were leadi

For a while, Incheon circulated in the lower ranks enough to be called the ‘remaining king’, but after the appointment of coach Cho Sung-hwan, they were transformed into a completely different team with good results and performance.

Expectations for this season have grown, which has affected Incheon’s performance. Kim Do-hyeok expressed his opinion, “I feel that the players, including me, are a little bit impatient. (In line with the heightened expectations) I have a sense of mission to give back to the fans, but that sometimes works as impatience.”토토사이트

Previously, Incheon coach Cho Sung-hwan also emphasized that from the opening media day, ‘high expectations’ should be managed well in the beginning so that ‘high expectations’ do not adversely affect ‘impatience’.

But knowing that, overcoming it was not easy. It was a situation where they were being chased because they missed a series of games they were supposed to catch in the early stages.

However, it is still early in the season, so there is ample room for a rebound. Kim Do-hyeok also claims that there are plenty of opportunities. Kim Do-hyeok said, “It’s not too late. The team has enough strength. If we work hard from now on, we can rebound. The important thing is what attitude we take from now on. We will prepare hard and go up again.”

ng, and we lost points and finished with a draw, so we did not receive strength as a team. If we had won that, there would have been no burden in the match against Ulsan. Bonnie, I lacked the strength to endure again.”

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