“I really love Son Heung-min… but I have to take it out of the starting lineup now.”

The argument that Son Heung-min should be removed from the starting lineup continues to emerge.

Heung-Min Son has not given up a starting place for Tottenham Hotspur since the 2016-17 season. He has always been a starter, except when he is injured or has a physical problem. Starting with manager Mauricio Pochettino, he kept the starting lineup under manager Jose Mourinho, Nuno Santo and Antonio Conte. It was possible because of the ability to support it.

He’s been a threat all season. Son Heung-min, who once again clearly demonstrated his position in the team and personal reputation through his rise to the English Premier League (EPL) last season, scored 4 league goals this season. He even scored 3 of 4 goals in 1 match against Leicester City. Although he broke his goalless streak against Crystal Palace, many expressed concern about Son Heung-min’s diminished influence.

Nevertheless, Conte did not remove Son Heung-min from the starting lineup. Even if both Dejan Kulusevski and Richarlisong were available, Son Heung-min was the starter. He also started before Manchester City, but his performance was not good. Except for the scene where Emerson Royal’s cross was connected with a header in the first half, it did not pose a big threat to Man City’s defense. There was no shooting other than the mentioned shooting. Key pass and dribble success were zero.

The match ended in Tottenham’s 2-4 come-from-behind defeat. It was even more painful to lose by conceding 4 runs even after scoring 2 points first. Against Man City, Son Heung-min, who showed a good appearance every time, was silent, which was more regrettable. There have been more requests to exclude Son Heung-min from the selection since the match against Man City. Reporter Dan Kilpatrick of the UK’s ‘Evening Standard’ said, “Son Heung-min again fell short of expectations. It’s time to replace the front three with Kane, Kulusevski, and Richarlisong.” 메이저사이트

Tottenham fan community ‘Spurs Web’ also had the same opinion. “With the injuries coming back, Conte finally has four strikers. Considering that Richarlison played as a left striker at Everton, he can make full use of it at Tottenham. There is a very high possibility that he will make the starting attacking team with skis.”

“All Tottenham fans love Son Heung-min. But now is the time to come down to the bench. We have to start from the bench so that Son Heung-min’s destructive power can revive. In the second half, Son Heung-min can come on as a substitute and become a hero,” he said. .

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