I only play Edmon’s game and go… They say globalization, big leaguers can train MLB as they please

 Korea has a solid keystone combination, one of the 20 countries participating in the WBC this year. Ha-seong Kim was included in the final three National League Gold Gloves in the shortstop category, and Tommy Edman in the second baseman and utility categories. Edmund is the only player to make the final three in two categories, and OAA, a defensive metric, is in the league’s top three.

There is also the symbolism of being the first Korean major leaguer national team. It is not that there were no Korean major leaguers until now, but the gaze of pure major leaguers who have not passed through Korea can be different. It is also an opportunity to see what Korean baseball looks like from their perspective, and it can be a good stimulus for some players. It is also expected that Korean baseball fans will have the effect of increasing the number of players they want to support in the major leagues.

However, in the current atmosphere, it is difficult to expect even a chemical bond between Edmund and Korean players. It is more likely that he will join right before the competition according to the schedule and simply put his hands and feet together before going to practice. The KBO hopes that Edmon will join the team a little earlier than the set schedule, but the opinions of his team, the St. Louis Cardinals and the WBCI, the organizer of the tournament, may not be the same.

The group B Tokyo pool team set by the WBCI is March 4th. From the 5th, Korea and Japan will prepare for an official pre-game evaluation match in Osaka, Australia, China and the Czech Republic in Miyazaki. All five countries will have an evaluation match on the 6th and 7th, and will welcome official training at the Tokyo Dome on the 8th. And on the 9th, the long-awaited first round of Group B of the finals opens.

Japan, which summoned only five major leaguers, became more urgent. Among the five outfielders on the final list, one is an infield utility player, so there are four professional outfielders. Here, the three main players are major leaguers: left fielder Masataka Yoshida (Orix), center fielder Lars Nutba (St. Louis) and right fielder Seiya Suzuki (Cubs). In addition to the official evaluation match, Japan plans to play four more evaluation matches, two each with Softbank in Miyazaki and Chunichi in Nagoya. Due to the lack of outfielders, these 4 games may be difficult to operate normally. 먹튀검증

Japan’s Sankei Sports said on the 29th, “The national team camp starts in Miyazaki from February 17th, but the timing for major league players to join has not yet been decided.” We have prepared insurance, etc., on the premise that we will train from the 5th.”

“It is not only Japan that has a similar problem. Korea will set up a camp in Arizona, USA from February 14, but coach Lee Kang-cheol predicts that three major leaguers will join right before the tournament,” “Group A Cuba “The WBCI judged that it was impossible to join the major leagues before the domestic training camp, training and evaluation in Japan,” he added.

According to the WBCI, Group A (Taiwan, Cuba, Italy, Netherlands, and Panama) will gather on March 3, train on the 4th, practice matches on the 5th and 6th, and enter the finals on the 8th. The same goes for teams playing in the US. Group C (Canada, Colombia, United Kingdom, Mexico, USA) and Group D (Dominican Republic, Israel, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Venezuela) will convene on the 6th and play the finals on the 11th. All teams will work together for four days after the convocation day and face the finals. It is a short time that is difficult to say that we are in sync.

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