“I felt great anger” Angry Heungkuk Life Insurance fans, Heungkuk Life Insurance Headquarters → Sangam-dong Truck Demonstration

 Heungkuk Life Insurance fans’ backlash is getting stronger. Some fans took to the truck protest.

A volleyball fan shared with reporters covering volleyball on the 6th about the movement (truck protest) going on through women’s volleyball and Heungkuk Life Insurance fans.

Some fans of Heungkuk Life Insurance will hold a truck demonstration at Taekwang Industrial’s Jangchung headquarters from 8 am on the 6th. Afterwards, it moves to Gwanghwamun and continues for 30 minutes from 11:30 am.

From 12:00, a truck demonstration will be held for 3 hours near the headquarters of Heungkuk Life Insurance, and at 3:00 pm, we will move to Sangam-dong, where the Korea Volleyball Federation office is located and where media outlets are concentrated. to be.

According to volleyball fans, the truck demonstration is conducted to improve Taekwang Group’s management of Heungkuk Life’s professional volleyball team, to promote an environment where players can focus on improving their performance, and to restore the morale of Heungkuk Life’s players who may be suffering from mental difficulties.

A fan who shared the purpose and route of the truck demonstration said, “The fans sincerely hope that this demonstration will help improve the unethical management of the Heungkuk Life Insurance team 안전놀이터.” I hope for the well-being of long-term players and a healthy revival of women’s volleyball.”

He also said, “When the current V-League match is lost, fans are not disappointed with Heungkuk Life Insurance players.” Disappointment is for the Taekwang Group, the parent company of the team that acts abnormally on the professional volleyball team.”

Recently, Heungkuk Life Insurance sacked former coach Kwon Sun-chan, who raised the team from 6th place to 2nd place last season. Owner Lim Hyung-joon said, “It doesn’t match the direction of the club,” but the volleyball world is criticizing it for not being able to understand it.

Director Kim Ho-cheol of IBK Industrial Bank said, “If Director Kwon had a problem, I would understand and accept it, but I think it is an act of ignoring him. As one of the volleyball players, he feels disregarded,” he said, expressing regret at the decision of Heungkuk Life Insurance Club.

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