“I am the newcomer”… KLPGA tour ‘rookies’ field training ‘bead sweat’

The start of the 2023 season KLPGA tour domestic opener is less than two months away. The KLPGA tour will start a full-fledged season race starting with the Lotte Rental Women’s Open on April 6th.

Rookie players who are about to debut on the KLPGA tour this season are in full swing with excitement than anyone else. Their goals are the same. It is the first time in his life to receive the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award.

Kim Seo-yoon 2, who won 3 wins on the Dream Tour last year and won the money prize, is currently training in Thailand. Kim Seo-yoon 2 chose a training ground with a difficult course to adapt to the KLPGA tour. Kim Seo-yoon 2 said, “I’m trying to improve the driver’s accuracy, and I’m focusing on short games and wedge shots within 100 meters.” revealed

Kim Ha-ni, who ranked 11th on the Dream Tour prize money list last year, is also sweating in Thailand. Kim Ha-ni said, “I think learning the short game is the most important thing to seize opportunities that may come at any time. My goal is to win. I will prepare hard for the championship, so please support me.”

Last year, Kim Ga-young, who ranked 8th in the Dream Tour prize money rankings, and Kim Yeon-hee, who ranked 12th, entered the KLPGA tour with steady performances. The two players are struggling to decorate their first championship with a regular tour victory.

Kim Ga-young, who left for field training in the United States, said, “I am focusing on correcting iron shots.” I succeeded in entering the KLPGA Tour, which was my goal last year, but it was regrettable that I did not win. I want to win the championship in my rookie season,” he said.

Kim Yeon-hee, who is training in Thailand, is trying to make a consistent swing. “She wants to reduce cut misses as much as possible,” she said. “Finding her own swing and building her stamina is the goal of this training,” she said. 토토사이트

She broke through the harsh seed ranking battle and entered the KLPGA Tour. Kim Min-byul, who took the top spot in the regular tour seed rankings, said, “I am practicing technical parts such as iron shot distance and low trajectory shots needed when the wind blows.” I will do my best with the mindset that I will do my best.”

Hwang Yoo-min, a former national team member, finished 6th in the seeding match. Hwang Yoo-min, who is training in Thailand, said, “I am satisfied with the overall last season, but there were ups and downs, so I want to give 90 points.” I will try to win the championship this year.”

In addition, Kim Min-seon 7, Eom Kyu-won, Lee Shu-ing, and Ko Ji-won are also working hard to spend their once-in-a-lifetime rookie season on the KLPGA Tour without regret. For this reason, the KLPGA Tour in the 2023 season is expected to have more fierce competition for the rookie award than any other year.

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