How did it come to this point… Even after leaving Tottenham, I’m on the ‘bench’

Sergio Reguilon is not getting out of the bench in Atletico Madrid.

He is a full-back from Spain. Although he is not tall, he has solid physicals such as maintaining good balance, and is a player who has greater strength in attack than defense. He enjoys overlapping through active dribbling and has good kicking power such as crosses and forward passes, providing another attack route from his side.

He was expected a lot from Real Madrid. In the 2017-18 season, he solidified his position by becoming a main player in the second team, and made his adult stage debut in the 2018-19 season. He played 14 matches in the league and received a lot of opportunities, and also made his debut in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL).

However, he was pushed back by Real Madrid’s solid squad and was unable to become a starter. In the end, he went on loan to Seville for the 2019-20 season and burst his potential here. After jumping right into the starting lineup, he scored 3 goals and 5 assists in 38 matches, including the cup competition. Thanks to this performance, I entered England. Tottenham Hotspur reached out and the transfer was completed for a considerable amount of 30 million euros (approximately 40.4 billion won).

The result was successful. Regilon immediately jumped to the starting lineup and posted 6 assists in 36 games including the cup competition. He also showed a ‘best friend’ chemistry with left winger Son Heung-min, and naturally his awareness in Korea rose. 카지노

The performance last season was also quite good. Reguilon has consistently been a starter since the opening game. However, there was no impact as much as before, and his position gradually decreased. In the end, he went down to the bench in the middle of the season and lost his position after contracting the coronavirus. After his return, he started six games, but performed marginally and was subsequently left off the roster after suffering a groin injury.

Eventually, he fell out of power. Ivan Perisic and Ryan Sessegnon pushed for a transfer. Fortunately, there were teams that wanted him. A loan offer was made by Atlético and negotiations progressed quickly. So Reguilon headed to Spain.

He played with enthusiasm, but the situation did not improve. After being injured right after going to Spain, he made his debut against Mallorca in November last year. Afterwards, he improved his performance by coming on as a substitute for 4 consecutive games, but his performance was insignificant and he did not play for the next 3 games.

The situation is grim. According to the Spanish media ‘Estadio Deportivo’, Atlético is not considering the full signing of Reguilon at all. His ‘home team’, Real Madrid, also has a buyback clause, but is unlikely to trigger it. After all, Reguilon is likely to return to Tottenham after this season, and even if he returns, his position is not expected to improve.

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