Heungkuk → Hyeonkae Geari reverse… The V-League men’s and women’s division championship battle still unknown

Disruption occurred in the V-League men’s and women’s division ranking competition. The teams that had kept first place from the beginning of the opening were pushed to second place, and the second place rebellion succeeded. The winner is still in the fog.

Heungkuk Life Insurance added 3 points by winning the set score 3-1 in the women’s game against GS Caltex held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 19th. Heungkuk Life Insurance, who recorded 22 wins, 7 losses and 66 points, finally pushed Hyundai E&C, which had been holding the first place since the very beginning of the first round, and rose to the top. 메이저놀이터

Hyundai E&C was the ‘absolute leader’ this season, winning 15 games in a row after the opening and breaking various records. Because the pace at the beginning of the season was so good, even Heungkuk Life Insurance, which Kim Yeon-kyung held out, was a team that could not easily win. However, the crack started with the departure of foreign player Yasmin due to injury. In December of last year, Yasmin suffered from a herniated disc and was taken off the field. I waited for his return because Yasmin played so much in the attack, but in the end, the aftereffects of playing the game without a foreign player for more than a month were revealed. In a state where the physical strength of domestic players was exhausted, a substitute foreign player Montaño was recruited, but so far it has not been able to play a big role.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which has been on the rise recently, pushed Hyundai E&C out of gear. Heungkuk Life Insurance also came back with difficulty on a path that could have been easier. In a situation where Hyundai Engineering & Construction was under strong pressure until the end of the year, coach Kwon Soon-chan’s sudden resignation scandal occurred in early January, and thereafter, there was a shaky atmosphere in the team.

However, they re-centered around veteran players, and calmly regrouped with the acting manager system. Furthermore, Heungkuk Life Insurance recently announced Marcello Abondanza, a world-renowned general and foreign coach, as its new coach, and the atmosphere became even hotter as Abondanza watched the GS Caltex game on the spot. It created a ‘can do it’ atmosphere.

End of round 5 now. The final round 6 journey remains. Heungkuk Life Insurance meets GS Caltex again as the first opponent in the 6th round after the final confrontation with the road construction on the 23rd. Afterwards, a showdown with mid-to-lower teams is scheduled, and the final confrontation with Hyundai E&C, the championship rival, will be held on March 19th, the last time.

The men’s group has a similar atmosphere. As Korean Air, which had been in first place since the opening of the season, slowed down, Hyundai Capital broke through. In a state where the team atmosphere fell, such as Korean Air falling into three consecutive losses in the fifth round, Hyundai Capital rode the trend of winning streak.

As a result, in the confrontation with Woori Card held in Cheonan on the 21st, they won 3-0 and added 3 points. Hyundai Capital, which recorded 20 wins and 10 losses and 61 points, surpassed Korean Air, which had 59 points, and rose to first place. It is a tearful reversal of last year’s last team, Hyundai Capital, against last year’s champion, Korean Air.

Hyundai Capital, which has definitely been on the rise in the winning streak with the ‘main gun’ Oreoll and domestic players, will play a ‘back to back’ match with Woori Card in Jangchung on the 24th. After that, we will meet with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, and on March 5, we will meet with Korean Air in Incheon. It seems that this match will be an important watershed in the competition for the regular league title.

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