Gwangju Ilgo’s fearsome rookie, Kim “Tani” Seong-joon is on the rise.

 The ‘Otani craze’ blowing in the major leagues is also blowing in high school baseball. This is a very desirable phenomenon.

On the 21st, in the round of 16 of the 77th Golden Lion Contending National High School Baseball Championship held at Mokdong Stadium in Seoul, a ‘terrible freshman’ appeared. Seongjun Kim (16) is the main character. Seongjun Kim took the mound as the team’s second pitcher and led his alma mater to the quarterfinals by showing one run in 4 2/3 innings. Kim Seong-jun, who led the team to victory with bold pitching unlike a freshman, is actually recorded as an infielder in his original position. It is a story that both two and two are possible. It reminds me of Kang Baek-ho (KT) in Seoul High School, who was placed in the 4th batting order from his freshman year.

So, Sungjun Kim’s role model is Shohei Ohtani. Like Ohtani, he likes to throw, hit, and run. He is literally a man of ‘two swords’. However, unlike Kang Baek-ho, he feels more comfortable with throwing.

He currently throws a fastball, slider, two-pitch style, but there’s a reason he throws in this simplified direction. This is because his highest velocity is measured at 147 km despite being in his freshman year. He said that there is still plenty of room for the redemption to rise further. So, Seongjun Kim said in detail his goal, “I want to throw 160km in my third year, and then, like Ohtani, I will gradually increase his speed after passing 150km in the first car.”토토사이트

Having one role model like this also means that efforts to resemble that player must be premised. Currently, those who enjoy high school baseball are another ‘Mr. 100 Miles’.

Among the juniors participating in this year’s draft, Ohtani is a role model. Gangneung High School two-hit all-rounder Jo Dae-hyeon and Gyeongbuk High School Jeon Mi-re serve as the ace and number 4 hitter.

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