Gwangju FC promoted to the 1st division, management evaluation is ‘low’

Reporter Hyung Min-woo = Gwangju FC, which achieved good results last year and was promoted to the first division of the K-League, received a very low score in the management evaluation and was pointed out as needing renewal.

According to Gwangju City on the 2nd, Gwangju FC received 53.9 points out of 100 as a result of requesting a management evaluation to an accounting firm at the end of last year.

In the detailed management evaluation, it received 4.2 points out of 12 in leadership and strategy, and only 3.5 points out of 9 in financial budget management.

It received 5.0 points out of 9 in the organizational personnel management section, and 10 points out of 20 in the social value section, which evaluated consideration for the socially underprivileged, social contribution, and labor-management win-win.

The business and management performance section received 31.2 points out of 50 points.

In addition, it was pointed out that the director general and the head of the management headquarters should be unified to increase work efficiency and strengthen the role of the board of directors.

There was also an order that the authority of the CEO and director should be clarified and youth sports activities should be strengthened.

Gwangju FC began renovation work by requesting a management evaluation and preparing an organizational reorganization plan when CEO Rodong Il took office in November of last year.

As the post of secretary general was eliminated and the system was reorganized into a second division head, secretary general A, whose term ends in May this year, was reassigned to the Gyeonggi Management Support Group. 바카라사이트

In the process, it was alleged that the city of Gwangju urged Mr. A to resign, but the city of Gwangju revealed that it was not involved in the personnel and reorganization.

Gwangju FC plans to hold a vision proclamation ceremony following the inauguration ceremony of the CEO at the Gwangju soccer stadium on the 3rd.

An official from Gwangju City said, “Based on the results of the management evaluation, we will come up with a plan to support Gwangju FC to become a citizen’s club.”

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